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Mentor Graphics’ Best User2User Ever

Mentor Graphics’ Best User2User Ever
by Beth Martin on 04-23-2013 at 5:45 pm

Calling all Mentor users! Don’t forget to register for the U2U in San Jose on Thursday, April 25.

In addition to three worthy keynotes, you will find a more interactive and solution-focused day than in the past. There are sessions on place & route, custom/AMS, emulation, test and yield analysis, functional verification, Calibre signoff, and PCB. You will have time enough between sessions to ask questions and get answers from the veritable army of Mentor technical experts who will be available. These technical experts will be armed with lots of product demos. If you’d like a preview of some very useful ‘how-to’ demos, check out this collection of short videosthat show how to do specific tasks in several Calibre tools.

The first presentations after the morning keynotes are product roadmap updates from Mentor. After the lunchtime keynote by Dr. Chenming Hu, father of FinFETs, the sessions are mostly case studies from other Mentor users. The whole schedule is available here.

As always, the event is free and includes lunch and a happy hour. I’ll be there, learning and mingling. If you see me, tell me what you found useful, surprising, or interesting!

Register for the Mentor User2User meeting here.