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SEMICON West 2016 Preview

SEMICON West 2016 Preview
by Scotten Jones on 07-07-2016 at 7:00 am

Next week is SEMICON West and I plan to be there all week. SEMICON West is a great opportunity to see the latest in equipment and materials on the show floor, to attend all the talks and receptions and to meet with various industry experts.

I fly in on Monday and I will immediately head over to the IMEC Technology Forum (ITF). I will miss the first half of the day but I will be blogging about the papers I see in the second half including several papers from IMEC as well as a paper from David Fried of Coventor. Following the ITF I will be interviewing Dan Mocuta of IMEC about the Horizontal Nanowire work they published at the VLSI Technology Symposium several weeks ago.

Tuesday I have an interview with Dr. Levinson of Global Foundries and Dr. Lercel of ASML about the latest developments in lithography. Then I plan to attend the Lithography: Charting a Path, or Paths, Between Nodes 10 and 5 sessions they are both speaking at. In the afternoon I will attend the Node 10 to node 5 – Dealing with the Slower Pace of Traditional Scaling until 3pm when I have an interview with Leti CEO Marie Semeria.

Wednesday from 10:30am to 12:30pm I will be in the Materials: Manufacturing Challenges and Realities at Advanced Nodes (Track 1 at TechXPOT South) where I will be giving a paper entitled “Technology and Cost Trends at Advanced Nodes” plus listening to the rest of the papers. In the afternoon I will be interviewing Rajeev Rajan of Global Foundries about their IOT strategy.

Thursday morning, I will be at a Axcelis’ Cultivating Novel Implant Applications Driving innovation and then spending some time on the show floor.

I expect to get a lot of really interesting blogs from all of the sessions I will be attending and interviews I will be conducting. Keep a look out for all the blogs on SemiWiki the week after the show!

About SEMICON West
$100B in consolidation. Smart manufacturing. Shrinking development cycles. Everything is changing. And that’s why SEMICON West is a must-go in today’s rapidly diversifying marketplace.

SEMICON West has been retooled to keep pace with the industry’s realignment. It’s built around disruptive trends driving the market, and it’s been expanded to include all of the resources you need to survive and thrive. We’ve deepened our reach across the full electronics manufacturing supply chain to connect you with more key players — including major industry leaders like Cisco, Samsung, Intel, Audi, Micron, and more. New players, demand generators, systems integrators, and emerging industry segments — all connecting in one place.

Your customers and your customers’ customers are here, and so are your vendors and competitors. To compete in today’s interconnected industry, you should be here too. So reserve your place now. And get ready for anything but business as usual.

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