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SEMI Breakfast Forums: the Internet of Things

SEMI Breakfast Forums: the Internet of Things
by Paul McLellan on 03-21-2014 at 4:29 pm

 Coming up on April 10th is the SEMI Silicon Valley Breakfast Forum Internet of Things—Driving the Microelectronics Revolution. It runs from 7am to 10.45am and will be held at SEMI Headquarters which is at 3081 Zanker Road in San Jose.

Widespread adoption of the Internet of Things will take time, but the movement is advancing thanks to improvements in underlying technologies. New processor architectures, interfaces, and memory structure are improving efficiency and density while enabling smaller and lower-power applications.

With the potential to impact all aspects of society and our lives, now is the time for executives across all industries to think strategically about the opportunities likely to emerge from an intelligent and connected world.

There is no such thing as a free lunch at the forum but at least there is free continental breakfast from 7-8am. I love that phrase since we are on the continent of North America but continent referred to in the breakfast is Europe.

Denny McGuirk, President of SEMI will welcome everyone at 8am.

The main speakers are:

  • At 8.05 Karen Bartleson who, in addition to working at Synopsys (and beating my EDAgraffitti blog in 2009 in Denali’s America’s Next Top Blogger grrr), is also President of the IEEE Standards Association
  • At 8.40 Alfonso Velosa, a research director at Gartner where he focuses on ecosystem relationships for IoT, smart cities and electronics.At 8.05
  • At 9.00 Mike Rosa, who works within the 200mm systems group at Applied Materials. He focuses on new and emerging technologies, especially MEMS (which is an important component of IoT)
  • At 9.20 there will be a 20 minute networking break
  • At 9.40 Kerry McGuire Balanze, who is vice-president of strategy for the IoT business unit of ARM
  • At 10.00 there will be a panel discussion until 10.45 when the meeting will wrap-up

Details, including links for registration, are here. Early bird registration ends on March 27th so hurry.

The Arizona Breakfast Forum, also Internet of Things, is on April 17th at Intel’s Ocotillo Campus building OC2 at 4500 South Dobson Road. It starts at 7.30am. Speakers are from TIRIAS research, Semico Research, Medtronic, Freescale and Intel. Full details and registration (early bird for this one ends on April 4th) is here.

Then the Texas Spring Forum How the Internet of Things Will Impact New Manufacturing Solutions is on April 22nd at Intel Austin, 1300 South Mopac Expressway. It also starts at 7.30am. Speakers are from Freescale, Cisco, ARM, Brewer Science, Applied Materials and Intel. Full details (early bird ends April 15th) are here.

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