Highly complex structures found in Rigid-flex PCBs, stacked-die IC packages, connectors and cables must be modeled accurately in 3D for structure optimization and high-speed signaling compliance. High-speed signaling, such as in 112G SerDes interfaces, relies on high-fidelity interconnect design. Any slight change in impedance can negatively impact bit error rate, so optimization entails extensive analysis including dozens of complex extractions and simulations.

Join this free live webinar to find out how Cadence® ClarityTM 3D Solver – a true 3D electromagnetic field solver for PCB and IC package design, with distributed multiprocessing break-out technology delivers virtually unlimited capacity and efficiently address these larger and more complex structures.

In this webinar, our expert will discuss: 

  • Single and mixed mode S Parameter basics
  • Multiple stages in 3D FEM analysis
  • Setting up ports, frequency range, dispersive media and surface roughness
  • Complete system-level simulation with Package, PCB and connector
  • Perform what-if simulation, enabled by 10X speed and parallel processing
  • Analyze S parameter results with data post-processing

Date and Time

Thursday, May 28, 2020
Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm  (India Time)

Please Note:

  • Registration closes at 10:00pm IST on Wednesday, May 27.
  • If you register, please plan on attending.

For questions and inquiries, or issues with registration, send an email to india_events@cadence.com