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The Largest Engineering Simulation Virtual Event in the World!

The Largest Engineering Simulation Virtual Event in the World!
by Daniel Nenni on 05-22-2020 at 10:00 am

ANSYS Simulation WorldANSYS is the world leader in engineering simulation across multiple markets. One of those markets just happens to be semiconductor which is why ANSYS is on SemiWiki.com. Due to the pandemic ANSYS has transformed their popular live regional events to one broad virtual event “Simulation World”.

“Simulation World is world’s largest virtual event for research and development leaders and engineering simulation thought leaders and users across industries. Through a series of informative keynote presentations, industry and initiative breakout sessions, attendees will learn the latest innovations and best practices in simulation and its application in sectors ranging from automotive to semiconductor to health care. Interactive chat features will help attendees connect in real time with their colleagues around the world to ask questions and to network. And they can learn about the newest advances in simulation from leading company in a partner pavilion.”

There are four semiconductor tracks including four designer presentations which is something ANSYS is well known for with live events such as the Design Automation Conference. Talking about products is one thing, talking about real problems those products solve is quite another, absolutely.

Here are the customer presentations:

Nitin Navale, CAD Manager, Xilinx Session title: Elastic Compute Scalable Design Methodologies for Next-Generation FPGAs Wednesday, June 10

Dai Dai, Mixed Signal Design Manager, NVIDIA Session title: Optimizing Electromagnetic Crosstalk and Power Distribution for HighSpeed Serial Links on Silicon Wednesday, June 10

Jiaze Li, Senior Engineer, Qualcomm Session title:Novel RTL Power Regression and Minimization Workflow for Mobile GPU Cores Thursday, June 11

Erman Timurdogan, Director, Analog Photonics Session title: Designing Large-Scale Silicon Photonics Integrated Circuits through PDK Component Library Thursday, June 11

You will also want to catch John Lee’s keynote:

John Lee, Vice President and GM, Semiconductor BU Session title: Reducing Your Project Risk in a Time of Great Change Wednesday, June 10

For those of you who don’t know John he is an EDA legend in the making. John started his career Co-founding Performance Signal Integrity, a startup from Carnegie Mellon University. Avant! acquired PSI in 1994 which is where I first met John. Avant! was acquired by Synopsys in 2002. John went on to Co-found Mojave Design, which Magma acquired in 2004, Magma and was acquired by Synopsys in 2012. John then assembled a team that built the first big data platform for chip design which was acquired by ANSYS in 2015.

Bottom line: When John speaks you listen, absolutely.

And what simulation event would not include academic research:

Sung-Kyu Lim,  Professor, Georgia Tech Session title: Thermal Issues and Solutions for 3D ICs: Latest Updates and Future Prospect Thursday, June 11

Makoto Nagata, Professor, Kobe University Session title: A C-P-S Simulation Technique of Power-Noise Side Channel Leakage in Cryptographic Integrated Circuits Thursday, June 11

To round things out the ANSYS staff of experts weigh in:

Ankur Gupta, Senior Director, Application Engineering Session title: Not Your Dad’s Power Integrity Analysis Wednesday, June 10

Anand Raman, Senior Director, Key Global Accounts Session title: Top Electromagnetic Coupling Issues to Watch Out for in High Frequency Silicon Design Wednesday, June 10

Karthik Srinivasan, Sr. Manager, Product Management Session title: Designing High-Speed Memories for the Edge Without Falling Over the Edge Wednesday, June 10

Karan Sahni, Director, Applications Engineering Session title: All things 3D-IC: Taking the Headache out of Managing Multiphysics Codesign for a 3D-Chip Package-System Thursday, June 11

Remember, it is a virtual event so register now and you will get a link to the replay in case you miss it. The SemiWiki bloggers will be all over this event so stay tuned for our expert observations, opinions, and experience on the subject matters.

I hope to virtually see you there!

Simulation World ANSYS SemiWIki

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