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Mirabilis Design Wiki

Published by Daniel Nenni on 05-12-2021 at 5:37 am
Last updated on 05-12-2021 at 5:37 am

Mirabilis Design is Silicon-Valley, EDA Software Company providing solutions to accelerate innovation in electronics and semiconductors.

Our solutions integrate the disjointed flow between between high-level SysML documentation and the detailed implementation with MatLab, schematics and RTL. In the product proposal phase the specification is quickly validate to meet the requirements; in the product specification the architecture is optimized and; throughout the product lifecycle, a collaborative platform to continuously verify the changes meet the requirements.

Helmed by professionals with deep domain expertise in EDA, system simulation and electronic architecture design, Mirabilis Design provides modeling, exploration and collaboration solutions for semiconductors, digital electronics and Embedded Systems. Clientele includes a mix of semiconductor, defense, aerospace, automotive and computing product suppliers. 6 of the top 12 semiconductor companies, 8 of the top 15 defense suppliers and 4 of the top 10 electronics companies use VisualSim to ensure the right design for their products. We have over 55 customers and 250 projects developing rockets, cameras, processors, SoC, satellites, car networks, aircrafts, SSD, High performance computers and display systems

The product, VisualSim offers a graphical modeling and simulation platform
for architecture exploration of electronics, semiconductors, embedded
software and networks. 150 system modeling components are available to quickly construct virtual prototypes in a matter of weeks, enabling users to optimize product specifications to meet timing, throughput, power consumption and quality of service.

For systems
VisualSim simulates a Model-Based Systems Engineering
(MBSE) model to explore the functionality, timing and power

For Semiconductors
VisualSim provides an expanded and faster alternate to Electronic System Level Design (ESL) solutions with an extremely large library of modeling components, large model capacity and high performance simulator.


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