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Embedded Vision Summit

May 22 - May 25

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The premier event for practical, deployable computer vision and visual AI, for product creators who want to bring visual intelligence to products.

The Summit attracts a global audience of technology professionals from companies developing computer vision and edge AI-enabled products including embedded systems, cloud solutions and mobile applications.

Why attend? It’s a First-Rate Program with Powerful Insights into Practical Perceptual AI.

Join us for four days of learning—from tutorials to deep-dive days, covering the latest technical insights, business trends and vision technologies—all with a focus on practical, deployable computer vision and visual/perceptual AI. The Summit connects the theories from great academic conferences, like CVPR, to the concrete needs of innovators building real-world products.


2023 Embedded Vision Summit | Computer Vision and Edge AI Conference

The Summit is by innovators, for innovators.

Most conferences are run by media or marketing companies whose specialty is, well, running as many conferences as they can—usually without any particular expertise in the subject matter.

Not us.

The Embedded Vision Summit is run by BDTI and the Edge AI and Vision Alliance. It’s the only conference we run. Our whole focus is the technology and business of edge AI and vision—it’s what we do, every day. For 30 years, BDTI’s engineers have designed, implemented and optimized algorithms on embedded systems, and for the last decade, our primary focus has been AI and computer vision at the edge.

We bring that expertise to the Summit each year. When we put together the Summit, we sweat every detail, asking ourselves, “If I were an attendee, what would I need to know? What critical questions do I need answered?” And we set about recruiting the best speakers with the most relevant expertise to answer those questions.

In essence: We build the conference that we’d like to attend, as technology and business innovators in this field.

We have a relentless focus on practical information for people incorporating vision and AI into products to solve real-world problems.

Our target audience is people incorporating computer vision, perception and edge AI into products. They’re a practical bunch; they want to know what they can do today to build those products, and what’s coming tomorrow for next year’s products. We’re right there with them, and that’s the conference we’ve created.


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