As verification tasks become increasingly more challenging and complex, we need to look for advanced techniques and solutions to improve and shorten the verification cycle to boost productivity.

Cadence® is pleased to bring you a full-day seminar covering all aspects of the verification flow. We will have three tracks:

1. Advanced Verification and Simulation – focusing on Xcelium, Verisium Apps (for debug, verification management and coverage) and VIP

2. System/Hardware-Assisted Verification – focusing on Palladium® Z2 Enterprise Emulation Platform and Protium™ X2 Enterprise Prototyping Platform, Perspec™ System Verifier and System VIP

3. Formal Verification – focusing on Jasper® Formal Verification Platform

Block your calendar now to learn how Cadence provides the industry’s fastest verification engines and applications to deliver unmatched verification throughput and productivity to customers like you every day.

Location and Date:

Shefayim Conference Center, Israel

June 12, 2023, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM