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The Age of Automotive Electronics

The Age of Automotive Electronics
by Daniel Payne on 03-02-2016 at 12:00 pm

One of Intel’s most advanced fabrication sites is called Ronler Acres, located in Hillsboro, Oregon and I jumped at the opportunity to visit this site on April 26th when members from the SEMI Pacific Northwest Chapter are meeting to discuss a timely topic, “The Age of Automotive Electronics”. The previous SEMI event that I attended was back in October 2015 when the topic was, “The Future of Moore’s Law“. Because of the number of speakers the April event will start out with a breakfast at 7:30AM and continue until 11:30AM.

Our society in America is certainly auto-centric and the trends toward increasing sophistication and automation in our driving experience continues at a fast rate. Just stop and think about all of the changes taking place in the automotive world today:

  • Electric Vehicles, from Chevy Volt up to the Tesla
  • Autonomous Cars, from companies like: Google, VW, BMW, etc.
  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist)
  • Infotainment
  • Connected cars
  • Embedded software to control all of the electronics
  • Smart Streets
  • Smart Lights

Source: The Clemson University Vehicular Electronics Laboratory

Attend this event and you’ll get to hear from industry speakers that work at:

  • Intel – the largest employer in Oregon and leading semiconductor company
  • Mentor Graphics – the largest EDA company in Oregon
  • Gartner – a research and advisory firm
  • Drive Oregon – innovation in electric mobility

The first three companies I have heard about before, and even worked at the first two. Although I live in Oregon I hadn’t really heard about Drive Oregon until learning about this SEMI event, so I visited their web site and found this informative 2:45 minute overview video:

Plan to bring along some business cards to hand out while you network with other technology professionals and meet local industry executives.

You may register online here. Get an early bird rate before April 13th.

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