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Is IP SoC 2018 Still Alive? Better than Ever!

Is IP SoC 2018 Still Alive? Better than Ever!
by Eric Esteve on 11-27-2018 at 12:00 pm

The 21[SUP]st[/SUP] IP-SoC Days conference will be held in Grenoble, France, on December 5-6, 2018. IP-SoC is now the unique IP centric conference, with presentations reflecting the complete IP ecosystem: IP suppliers and foundries, external IP or internal reuse managers. Look at the program, you will see the hot topics covered during the conference, like Security, AI and Safety, Edge Computing and IoT, new trends in IP (eFPGA, Analog IP reuse), IP tracking or IP management. And like a new mantra, low power and energy efficiency!

When I remember 5 years back, in 2013, IP-SoC was taking place in a large auditorium (for the keynotes and main sessions), plus a few rooms for the other sessions. The problem was that the auditorium was far to be full, and the attendees had the perception of a declining conference. We must insist on the word “perception”, and this perception was coming from the fact that the auditorium was just too large. Pr. Gabriele Saucier, founder of D&R and running IP-SoC, was cleaver enough to get the point and find the right solution. It was to organize IP-SoC in another place and make the conference more focused. Last year, the room was full and the audience very attentive.

It’s even more important for the IP ecosystem to rely on the IP-SoC days for networking when you hear the rumors about the DAC future! Don’t expect me to comment these rumors. Being part of the DAC IP Committee, it wouldn’t be wise, moreover, I don’t know the outcome about the next DAC.


Listing some presentations to be given at IP-SoC, I will start with “Design IP Status & 5 Years Growth”, as the presentation is from IPnest and I will present it. IPnest customers and Semiwiki readers will recognize the first 3 slides, extracted from the Design IP Survey and the Interface IP 2013-2022 Survey. Starting from the next slide, IPnest will propose a new forecasting method, in order to provide an accurate 5 years, or even 10 years total IP market Forecast.

As I have recently read some data from analyst predicting that the IP market will weight $10 billion by 2022, I realized that we (the industry) need to have access to realistic data. Realistic data means that you search for a solid methodology, use the IP market know-how to fine tune the equation. By this means, IPnest comes to $6 billion in 2022 for the IP market (already +50% compared with 2017).

I am sorry if $6B doesn’t sound as amazing as $10B, but that’s the result coming from an innovative method (very similar with the EDA market size evaluation as given by Wally Rhines in Semiwiki in this post). I don’t say much, as I prefer to keep the exclusivity to IP-SoC attendees and IPnest loyal customers… (please note that I will NOT post the presentation on the conference web site, you will have attend to it live!).

If you come to Grenoble, you will have the opportunity to attend to 20 presentation on December 5[SUP]th[/SUP], the first day, enjoy wine testing on the evening (and a banquet!) and the next day to watch another 14 presentations and a panel. This panel will discuss about technology transfer from research center to the industry, taking as an example the FD-SOI success story. If you read Semiwiki since 2013, you know about the numerous articles written about FD-SOI (300 000 views in total).

Most interesting topics, to my opinion, (extracted from the ten sessions):


  • Security IP
  • Low Power Challenge and Power Management
  • RISC-V Ecosystem
  • New IP Trends
  • Analog Design

IP-SoC 2018 will be as usual an high level conference, where complexes engineering topics are addressed by industry experts, not just a marketing fest! That’s why the conference is not only still alive, but better than ever!

IP-SoC conference will be located on December 5-6 in Hôtel EUROPOLE, 29 rue Pierre-Sémard, Grenoble France,

And you can register here

See you on Wednesday 5[SUP]th[/SUP] December in Grenoble

From Eric Esteve from IPNEST

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