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SEMICON China Shanghai 上海

SEMICON China Shanghai 上海
by Paul McLellan on 02-23-2014 at 10:30 am

 SEMICON is not just the event in San Francisco every July, there are other SEMICONs around the world. Coming up next, Shanghai China. In fact there are four colocated events:

  • SEMICON China 2014, March 18th-20th
  • The 8th PV fab managers’ forum, March 17th-18th (all things PhotoVoltaic)
  • FPD China 2014, March 18th-20th (all things Flat Panel Display)
  • Solarcon China 2014, March 18th-20th (that would be solar)

 All events are in the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center (SNIEC). There are all sorts of theme pavilions for technologies such as LED, TSV, Smart Life, MEMS and more.

Keynotes are from:

  • Tetsuro (Terry) Higashi of Tokyo Electron (SolarCon keynote)
  • Dr Tzu-Yin Qiu, CEO of SMIC
  • Dr Walden Rhines, CEO of Mentor. Expect lots of data from Wally, it’s his thing
  • Bill McLean of IC Insights (FPD keynote)

The keynotes are all in the Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai in the Shanghai Ballroom from 1-6pm on Tuesday March 18th. Simultaneous translation in English and Chinese will be provided.

Coming up next in the SEMICON world tour, SEMICON Singapore in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel on April 23rd-25th. Last time I was in Singapore I got a cheap room there on hotels.com. If you visit you have to go see the swimming pool on the top floor. This is the hotel that has become an iconic building in Singapore with three towers and a long swimming pool, bar, beach that stretches like a boat across all three. I’m as baffled about how they built it as I’m sure civil engineers are about how we make chips.

The focus of SEMICON Singapore is Enabling Mobility for IoT with Advanced Semiconductor Technology Innovations: A Southeast Asia Perspective. If you are part of the highly influential Southeast Asia microelectronics manufacturing ecosystem involved in semiconductors, LED, MEMs, printed/flexible electronics and other adjacent markets—this is a must-attend event.

A few more more for your diary:

  • SEMICON Russia May 14th-15th in Moscow. I didn’t even know semiconductors were a thing in Russia
  • SEMICON West, July 8th-10th in San Francisco as always. I’ll see you there.
  • SEMICON Taiwan, September 3rd-5th, Taipei
  • SEMICON Europa, October 7th-9th in Grenoble
  • SEMICON Japan, December 3rd-5th in Tokyo

Details for Shanghai (in Chinese and English) here. Details for Singapore here. The SEMI page for all the other conferences is here.

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