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Xilinx, the University of FPGA

Xilinx, the University of FPGA
by Luke Miller on 01-13-2014 at 8:00 pm

More than ever, FPGA training is the key to success. Which is why Xilinx, provides free, no charge video’s that can speak to the seasoned FPGA designer or to the interested community. These Videos are not like your high school graduation taped by Uncle Frank. These are detailed, professionally edited Xilinx Videos that will give you an education and a taste for Xilinx FPGAs that you would have thought would eat into expensive training budgets. Something in the engineer’s soul lights up when the word free is spoken!

Do not let me confuse you with the facts, but these videos are to supplement training. But you know as well as I do, in this day in age, training unfortunately is getting fickle. Usually after the coffee club, and water cooler budget, the training budgets are the next in line to be challenged. In the meantime, it is up to you to stay current, which means, even going to a ‘lunch and learn’, I know. The other name for that is you train on your own time. My friend, I therefore would like to point you into this direction, to this valuable link on Xilinx:

While there is no shortage of Xilinx FPGA hacker videos (you can find me building a 1953 Nixie Tube Speedometer) they do not always have the correct foundation that Xilinx is going to provide. This is obvious but Xilinx as the designer of World Class Programmable Devices is going to have the best and most accurate content. Once you have watched the videos, start poking around for more videos from other sources and then learn the tricks of the trade after the foundation is laid.

So I suggest, Mr. Dad or Mrs. Mom, Grab the family and it’s time for family movie night! What engineer would not want to share this time with his or her family? The kids are always asking, ‘What do you do at work?’ We’ll now’s your chance to wow them! OK, this is a bit of fiction, but may I recommend some of my favorite Videos from the Xilinx Video Library, and they are… Wait, know what would really be cool, is if Xilinx used its own technology to stream and compress these videos and then up covert the stream to a 4k display. Anyways the video list, drum roll…

The heart of most Xilinx FPGA Designs, the DSP and how to get your design done and signed off faster than ever!
Accelerating DSP design productivity with Xilinx

Ever wonder how Xilinx FPGAs support the automotive industry? This is an Oscar Contender.
Automotive market segment overview

Zynq, is nothing short of a huge success. This video answers the following question:
Why Zynq?

This short video highlights the overall challenges faced by the industry and how traditional solutions are addressing them, and why a new category of devices such as Zynq is needed. It will also briefly review the overall Zynq-7000 platform offering and the values that these devices bring to designers.

In the time to come we can expect videos featuring 20nm UltraScale and then 16nm. Go make your popcorn, extra butter and get ready!

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