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Webinar: Toward Lightspeed Simulation Thanks to Multi-GPU Computing

January 31, 2023


*This webinar is offered at multiple time slots. Please see the drop down menu above.*

With the evolution of compute technology, simulating the behavior of the light with Speos has evolved through many groundbreaking steps enabled by new computing technologies, from a basic intensity map of a single lightbulb 30 years ago toward full colorimetry render of nowadays taillamps involving 100s’ of LEDs.

The focus of this webinar is on the improvement of simulation time provided by GPU computation. Speos GPU solver is available through two features allowing engineer to accelerate their design workflows:

• Speos Live Preview delivers an immediate insight of a simulation result, letting you explore your content and assess performance within an iterative design workflow where each loop is now seconds

• GPU Compute offers the same experience of traditional Speos simulation, but on steroids thanks to GPU and Multi-GPU power. Speos users keep their exact same workflow and get their designs solved faster

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