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Webinar: Life Cycle of Critical Metals: Compositional quantification of REE-bearing materials

November 23

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Session 1: Thursday, November 23

10:00 am CET / Berlin

05:00 pm SGT / Singapore

06:00 pm JST / Tokyo

Session 2: Thursday, November 23

05:00 pm CET / Berlin

08:00 am PST / Los Angeles

11:00 am EST / New York


Rare Earth Element (REE) Quantification using Micro-XRF Analysis

Rare earth and other critical metals play a crucial role in the evolution of new, greener technologies as society begins the fight against climate change and moves towards more sustainable practices. Challenges are to be found at all stages of the life cycle of critical metals from discovery and extraction through manufacturing and recycling. At the core of these challenges lies confident materials characterization.

In this webinar we will discuss the complexities of quantifying REE compositions of natural and manufactured materials using Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy, with specific focus on micro-XRF analysis. Data from natural minerals and synthetically produced crystals will be used to outline approaches to accurate and precise compositional quantification, and demonstrate the utility of the micro-XRF technique for rapid and robust critical metals characterization.

Who Should Attend?

  • Geologists, Mineralogist, Academia, Materials Science, Environmental Scientists, Researchers in the use of Critical Materials and Energy

Migmatite sample with coarse-grained monazite (REE-Phosphate)

Total X-ray intensity image of mineral standards, including synthetic REE-phosphates


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