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Webinar: Gate-Level Simulations at Warp Speed with the Xcelium Multi-Core App

November 1 @ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Are you ready to lead the way in gate-level digital simulations (GLS)? Dive into Cadence’s exclusive webinar and uncover the revolutionary Xcelium Multi-Core (MC) App—a game changer for GLS, allowing you to parallelize and expedite simulations like never before.

What You’ll Gain:

Insight: Understand why the Xcelium MC App is crucial for DV engineers looking to speed up GLS.

Knowledge: Learn how to deploy the full potential of the Xcelium MC App.

Best Practices: Discover optimal utilization practices to maximize the efficiency of your gate-level simulations.

Examples: See the application of the Xcelium MC App, showcasing how you can simulate GLS at warp speed!


  • Achieve 10X faster simulations, accelerate your aggressive project schedules
  • Tackle complex billion gate designs with ease
  • Fully leverage the capacities of modern multi-core CPUs in your server farm

Don’t be left behind! Join us and catapult your GLS to warp speed, ensuring your projects are not stalled by long pole tests but mastered with precision and efficiency.


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