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Ansys 2023 R2: Ansys Sound and Vibro-Acoustics Solutions What’s New

September 14, 2023 @ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Shrouded Fan

How can you design and re-design the sound of your product? Register for our upcoming webinar to learn about the latest software updates for Ansys Sound and Ansys Acoustics Solutions.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2023


Shrouded Fan

About this Webinar

Every product creates sound, from a vehicle to an electronic device to an HVAC system. And sound can substantially impact the consumer and end-user experience. We provide many solutions that allow our users to take computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation outputs to isolate noise sources, define acceptability ranges, and reshape the sound of a product to desired goals. This allows acoustics, NVH, CAE,  mechanical engineers, and others to experience the perceived sound of a product and explore design changes virtually without building a physical prototype first.

What You Will Learn

In our latest software release, new updates include:

  • DPF Exposure – Ansys Sound features are now in DPF for Python and C++, allowing users to automate previously manual tasks, including automation of order isolations and psychoacoustic metrics.
  • Ansys Motion & Ansys Sound Integrations – acoustics results from Ansys Motion can now be sent directly to Ansys Sound for post-processing and acoustics analysis.
  • In the Ansys Sound SAS software, a new sound source type for broadband noise (noise from spectra) and harmonics (orders) control two independent parameters in the sound composer.

Who Should Attend

Acoustics Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, CFD Engineers


Patrick Boussard, Hardik Shah


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