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by Paul McLellan on 10-08-2014 at 1:26 pm

 This week it is SEMICON Europa in Grenoble in the heart of the French Alps.

SEMICON Europa 2014 opened yesterday at ALPEXPO in Grenoble with more than 400 exhibiting companies. Learn about the latest innovative technologies, products, applications and business opportunities both within the European community and globally. Companies like Applied Materials, Intel, Infineon, Microsoft, Philips, Samsung, Sony, STMicroelectronics, and Tokyo Electron will present their strategies and requirements in SEMICON Europa programs and on the exhibition floor. SEMICON Europa 2014 (7-9 October) also features the new “Allée des Clusters” and Innovation Village, which will showcase more than 35 start-up companies and their innovative products and capabilities.

SEMICON Europa offers semiconductor Front-End manufacturing programs, including the 18th annual Fab Managers Forum, as well as programs on the Internet of Things, Automation Level in Fabs, and Smart Connected Sensor Devices. Consumers continue to drive an ever increasing demand for mobile electronics and interconnectivity — for both work and play. New devices are being developed and sensor applications are soaring to meet future requirements for processing and transmitting data/information across a variety of applications (i.e. healthcare, industrial, security, entertainment, energy efficiency, etc.). SEMICON Europa highlights include Electronic Applications (Imaging Conference and Nanoelectronics for Healthcare Session) and Electronic Components (Low Power Conference and Power Electronics Conference).

Other conference programs at SEMICON Europa will explore 450mm wafer processing and other critical issues in Fab Management, Advanced Packaging, 3D IC, Test and MEMS. Now in its third decade, SEMICON Europa’s new location leverages the growing strengths of Grenoble’s technology businesses, academia and institutions to showcase a diverse array of products, solutions and opportunities spanning the most advanced innovations in the European nano-manufacturing industry.

Also, at SEMICON yesterday, Albert Theuwissen, CEO of Harvest Imaging and professor at Delft University of Technology, received the European SEMI Award 2014. The Award, which recognizes Theuwissen’s outstanding contribution to the continuing education of engineers, was presented during the SEMICON Europa Executive Summit in Grenoble.

 Albert Theuwissen is a highly regarded specialist in solid-state image sensors and digital imaging. He worked for nearly 20 years at Philips Research and then at DALSA in lead engineering and management roles. In 2001, Theuwissen became a part-time professor at Delft University of Technology. In 1995, he wrote the textbook “Solid-State Imaging with Charge-Coupled Devices” which is now a standard reference work in the field of solid-state imaging.

After “retiring” in 2007, Theuwissen founded Harvest Imaging and has played a major role in the continuing education of engineers in the field of solid-state imaging and digital cameras. He has taught and trained over 3,000 engineers at image sensor companies (such as Kodak, Sony, Samsung, Aptina, ST Microelectronics, Micron, Intel, Philips, Canon, DALSA, and Panasonic) and consumer product companies (such as Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, Research InMotion, Thomson, and many others). In addition, he has conducted short courses at IEEE’s IEDM, ISSCC, ICIP and SPIE’s Electronic Imaging Conference.

Full details of SEMICON Europa are here.

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