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Motley Fools Intel Investors Again!

Motley Fools Intel Investors Again!
by Daniel Nenni on 05-22-2014 at 12:00 pm

 It really is quite a racket. Investor bloggers spread semiconductor disinformation for $.01 per click, that coincidentally covers their stock positions, and I get paid $300 per hour to explain it to Wall Street. While I appreciate the opportunity to bond with the financial people, I do wonder how these bloggers sleep at night.

Here is the latest disinformation from Motley Fool:

While Taiwan Semiconductor (NYSE: TSM ) , Samsung (NASDAQOTH: SSNLF ) , and others have been claiming that everything is going swimmingly for production during 2014, the reality from the semiconductor equipment vendors’ point of view is a different one that should allow Intel (NASDAQ: INTC ) investors to breathe a sigh of relief.

My translation: Please don’t sell your Intel stock until I cover my position. The reality from the semiconductor equipment vendors is that they will miss Wall Street’s expectations so it’s finger pointing time. Just once I would like to hear a CEO on a conference call say, ”You know what, we screwed up, it’s all our fault, we deserve a stock downgrade.”

In short, while TSMC and Samsung talk a big game with respect to their FinFET nodes, the truth is that the foundries are having a difficult time getting the yields to be passable and seem to be quite a way from production. The question, then, is how far from volume production are the foundries?

Wait, did he just call TSMC and Samsung liars? At the 25[SUP]th[/SUP] Annual TSMC Technology Symposium last month customers (close to 1k people I would guess) got a complete update:

TSMC Updates: 20nm, 16nm, and 10nm!

Unfortunately or fortunately only semiconductor professionals were invited so the investor bloggers don’t know any better.

By the way, this particular investor blogger also published this:

Intel’s 14 Nanometer: It’s Here And It Kicks ButtSeptember 15, 2013
At the very first keynote by new Intel (INTC) CEO Brian Krzanich, I had a front row seat to the demonstration of the world’s very first, fully-working 14 nanometer microprocessor. Folks, this isn’t some “test chip”, but a bonafide, fully-functional, Windows-booting microprocessor that is set to go into production by Q4 2013.

Paul McLellan and I sat in the 5[SUP]th[/SUP] row and having published earlier that Intel 14nm would be delayed we were quite shocked. SemiWiki readers know the rest of this story, Brian K. had to eat crow in his next conference call and admit that 14nm would in fact be delayed. The 14nm microprocessor mentioned above is now set to hit shelves by Q4 2014.

So the truth is that Intel was having a difficult time getting the yields to be passable and seem to be quite a way from production.

As I mentioned before, disinformation is a competitive weapon and something publicly traded companies are good at. Most of these investor bloggers are spoon fed PR stuff, they cut and paste the rest to support what’s in the spoon. Add in the personal bias of owning the stock and you get a serious amount of disinformation, which is why Wall Street keeps calling.

Just my opinion of course! :rolleyes:

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