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Internet of Things Augmented Reality Applications Insights from Patents

Internet of Things Augmented Reality Applications Insights from Patents
by Alex G. Lee on 03-19-2016 at 9:00 am

US20150347850 illustrates an IoT (Internet of Things) AR (Augmented Reality) application in a smart home. A smart home IoT device communicates via a local network to a user AR device (e.g., smartphone) for providing the tracking data. The tracking data describes the smart home IoT device. The AR devices can recognize the smart home IoT device in the camera view based on the tracking data. Once the smart home IoT device is identified in the camera view, the AR application can augment the camera view with additional information and control interface about the smart home IoT device. The user can control the smart home IoT device using the AR device.

US20150347850 illustrates an industrial IoT AR application. A machine broadcasts a status of the machine and tracking data related to the machine to a user AR device. The status includes a presence, an operating status, operating features, and characteristics of the machine. The tracking data includes a physical identifier and location information of the machine. When the user AR device is in proximity to the machine, the user AR device authenticated with the machine. Then, the augmented reality application in the user AR device generates directions to the machine and descriptions of the machine. The AR application can augment the camera view with interactive virtual functions associated with functions of the machine.

US20140063064 illustrates an IoT AR application in a connected car. An AR head-up display in the connected car displays the overlaying a virtual image regarding the surrounding environmental information on an actual image of the external vehicle that is observed through the transparent display. The surrounding environmental information regarding the vehicle includes information about events occurring outside the vehicle (e.g., location information of the other vehicle, speed of the other vehicle, traffic lane of the other vehicle, and an indicator light status of the other vehice), background information within a predetermined distance (building information, information about other vehicles, weather information, illumination information), accident information of the other vehicle, and traffic condition information. The surrounding environmental information are obtained via the V2X (V2V and V2I) communication system.

US20150310667 illustrates an IoT AR system for providing contextually relevant AR contents to a user. The IoT AR system extracts features of a specific object in a location in a field of view of a camera of the user AR device. The IoT AR system assesses a situation of the user associated with the user AR device based on information obtained from surrounding IoT devices and sensors. Then, the IoT AR system provides the context-aware visualization regarding the specific object based on the assessed user situation.

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