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SPIE Advanced Lithography and Synopsys!

SPIE Advanced Lithography and Synopsys!
by Daniel Nenni on 02-01-2017 at 7:00 am

SPIE is the premier event for lithography held in Silicon Valley and again Scotten Jones and I will be attending. EUV is generally the star of the show and this year will be no different now that TSMC has committed to EUV production in 2019.

Last year at SPIE, TSMC presented the history of EUV development from the beginning in 1985 as Soft X-Ray to the name change to EUV in 1993. TSMC forecasted that they will “exercise” EUV at 7nm and will introduce EUV for production use at 5nm. TSMC now says they will in fact insert EUV into 7nm in the second year of production (2019) in preparation for EUV at 5nm in 2020. So finally we will have EUV in production after more than 30 years of R&D and so many false starts!!!!!

This year Intel will again keynote SPIE and present “EUV readiness for HVM” and Samsung will again present “Progress in EUV Lithography toward manufacturing”. Scott will do thorough blogs on the conference as he has in the past. You can read Scott’s very technical event related blogs HERE. If you are attending SPIE it would be a pleasure to meet you, absolutely.

A new event at this year’s SPIE is the Synopsys Technical Forum where you will learn the latest on Synopsys Manufacturing’s mask synthesis, mask data prep and lithography simulation solutions. The Tech Forum is peer-to-peer, giving you the opportunity to hear how your lithography colleagues have addressed the challenges of 10nm and 7nm.


Synopsys provides industry-proven EDA solutions to meet the demands of today’s advanced IC manufacturing processes while setting the standard in platform flexibility to enable innovative and custom solutions for next-generation technology nodes. Synopsys’ comprehensive Mask Synthesis, Mask Data Preparation, TCAD, and Yield Management tools provide leading edge performance, accuracy, quality, and cost of ownership for all your production and development needs.

Synopsys Technical Forum Agenda

[TABLE] cellpadding=”5″ style=”width: 100%”
| align=”center” valign=”top” | Time
| valign=”top” style=”width: 400px” | Presentation Title
| align=”center” valign=”top” | Speaker
| align=”center” valign=”top” | Company
| valign=”top” | 12:30
| colspan=”3″ valign=”top” | Registration & Lunch
| valign=”top” | 1:00
| valign=”top” | Welcome & Introduction
| align=”center” valign=”top” | Howard Ko
| valign=”top” | Synopsys
| valign=”top” | 1:30
| valign=”top” | DTCO Metrics for Patterning Design Arc Definition at 7nm and Beyond
| align=”center” valign=”top” | Derren Dunn, Ph.D.
| valign=”top” | IBM
| valign=”top” | 2:10
| colspan=”3″ valign=”top” | Break & Prize Drawing #1
| valign=”top” | 2:25
| valign=”top” | ILT Optimization of EUV Masks for Sub – 7nm Lithography
| align=”center” valign=”top” | Kevin Lucas
| valign=”top” | Synopsys
| valign=”top” | 3:05
| valign=”top” | Keynote: Advanced Patterning and Litho Options for Challenging Geometries
| align=”center” valign=”top” | Hyunjo Yang
| valign=”top” | SKHynix
| valign=”top” | 3:50
| colspan=”3″ valign=”top” | Thank You & Drawing #2

Visit Synopsys at Booth #206

Tuesday, February 28: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday, March 1: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

San Jose Convention Center

Synopsys Technical Program

Security applications for direct-write lithography(Keynote Presentation)
Mike Borza, Synopsys Inc. (Canada) [10144-3]

Correlation of experimentally measured atomic scale properties of EUV photoresist to modeling performance: an exploration

Yudhishthir Kandel, Synopsys, Inc. (USA); Jonathan Chandonait, SUNY Polytechnic Institute (USA); Sajan Marokkey, Lawrence S. Melvin III, Qiliang Yan, Benjamin D. Painter, Synopsys, Inc. (USA); Gregory H. Denbeaux, SUNY Polytechnic Institute (USA) [10143-7]

Modeling EUVL patterning variability for metal layers in 5nm technology node and its effect on electrical resistance

Weimin Gao, Synopsys GmbH (Belgium); Lawrence S. Melvin III, Synopsys, Inc. (USA); Itaru Kamohara, Synopsys GmbH (Germany); Vicky Philipsen, Vincent Wiaux, Eric Hendrickx, Ryoung-Han Kim, IMEC (Belgium)[10143-14]

Advanced fast 3D DSA model development and calibration for design technology cooptimization

Kafai Lai, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Ctr. (USA); Balint Meliorisz, Thomas Mülders, Hans-Jürgen Stock, Synopsys GmbH (Germany); Sajan Marokkey, Synopsys, Inc. (USA); Wolfgang Demmerle, Synopsys GmbH (Germany); Chi-Chun Liu, Cheng Chi, Jing Guo, Albany NanoTech (USA)[10144-16]

Experimental characterization of NTD resist shrinkage
Bernd Küchler, Thomas Mülders, Synopsys GmbH (Germany); Hironobu Taoka, Nihon Synopsys G.K. (Japan); Weimin Gao, Synopsys NV (Germany); Ulrich Klostermann, Synopsys GmbH (Germany); Sou Kamimura, FUJIFILM Corp. (Japan); Grozdan Grozev, FUJIFILM Corp. (Belgium); Masahiro Yoshidome, Michihiro Shirakawa, FUJIFILM Corp. (Japan); Waikin Li, IMEC (Belgium)[10147-14]

Modeling of NTD resist shrinkage
Thomas Mülders, Hans-Jürgen Stock, Bernd Küchler, Ulrich Klostermann, Wolfgang Demmerle, Synopsys GmbH (Germany)[10146-21]

Source defect impact on pattern shift

Artak Isoyan, Chander Sawh, Lawrence S. Melvin III, Synopsys, Inc. (USA) [10147-21]
Cost effective solution using inverse lithography OPC for DRAM random contact layer
Jinhyuck Jeon, Jae-Hee Hwang, Jaeseung Choi, Seyoung Oh, Chan-Ha Park, Hyun-Jo Yang, SK Hynix, Inc. (Korea, Republic of); Thuc Dam, Synopsys, Inc. (USA); Munhoe Do, Dongchan Lee, Synopsys Korea Inc. (Korea, Republic of); Guangming Xiao, Jung-Hoe Choi, Kevin Lucas, Synopsys, Inc. (USA)[10148-8]

Resist 3D aware mask solution with ILT for resist failure hotspot repair
Guangming Xiao, Kosta S. Selinidis, Kevin Hooker, Synopsys, Inc. (USA); Wolfgang Hoppe, Synopsys, Inc. (Germany); Thuc Dam, Kevin Lucas, Synopsys, Inc. (USA)[10147-25]
New methodologies for lower-K1 EUV OPC and RET optimization
Kevin Hooker, Yunqiang Zhang, Kevin Lucas, Aram Kazarian, Joshua P. Tuttle, Guangming Xiao, Synopsys, Inc. (USA)[10143-45]

Exposure source error and model source error impact on optical proximity correction

Lawrence S. Melvin III, Artak Isoyan, Chander Sawh, Synopsys, Inc. (USA)[10147-32]

Guiding gate-etch process development using 3D surface reaction modeling for 7nm and beyond (Invited Paper)
Derren N. Dunn, IBM Research (United States); John R. Sporre, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (United States); Ronald Gull, Synopsys Switzerland, LLC (Switzerland); Peter Ventzek, Tokyo Electron America, Inc. (United States); Alok Ranjan, TEL Technology Ctr., America, LLC (United States) [10149-36]

Synopsys Posters

Compact modeling for the negative tone development processes
Lawrence S. Melvin III, Synopsys, Inc. (USA); Chun-Chieh Kuo, Synopsys, Inc. (Taiwan); Jensheng H. Huang, Synopsys, Inc. (USA)[10147-63]

Addressing optical proximity correction (OPC) challenges from highly nonlinear OPC models
Stephen Jang, Synopsys, Inc. (USA) [10147-64]

Stitching-aware in-design DPT auto fixing for sub-20nm logic devices
Soo Han Choi, David Pemberton-Smith, Sai Krishna K.V.V.S, Synopsys, Inc. (USA)[10148-46]
Using pattern matching to increase performance in hotspot fixing flows
Bradley J. Falch, Synopsys, Inc. (USA) [10148-49]

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