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Portland, I'm especially sensitive to this when a doctor we went to recommended a procedure that when I checked with top doctors, with top reputations over seas recommended against the procedure so strongly they refused to perform it. A close friend went through the procedure and has had nothing but serious health problems.
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Dear Tom,

Judging from the photo and your brief profile, you must be the "Tom Dillinger". Please, keep in touch. I am Sang Dhong, whose guTS you may hate or appreciate it. I can be reached most reliably through my email,
All the best,
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hist78, I find your insights and observations excellent. You have a wide view of the industry, while I'm just an investor/researcher, keep up the good work.
For the record, I live in Hayward, CA which has become a biotech center in its own right. Illumina is about a mile from my house as the crow flies. I appreciate your insights and look forward to your comments, Arthur Hanson