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Daniel Nenni
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  • I greatly appreciate your writing. I'm not an engineer, but a well read investor and ex technician. I follow you for the Intel vs TSMC race. Thank You
    Daniel - Steve Grout here - I'm the web guy for the EDPS Excomm/Program-committee list, as
    well as the edps-all general announcement list. John Swan has requested I add you to
    those lists. What email address would you like to use? It needs to be one you actually
    be posting from. Please reply to or my address,
    Thanks for your help...and very much look forward to your participation with EDPS.
    Best regards,
    --Steve Grout
    Hi Daniel, do you wonder about the chances that Intel might reacquire an ARM license? Remember when Warren East said ARM doesn't care very much if their name is known to consumers? Could he be leaving the door open for Intel to rejoin The Ecosystem?
    I enjoyed your take on the first two SNUG Silicon Valley keynotes. I hope you'll post your views on the third keynote (Chenming Hu, UCB/TSMC) as well.
    Hi Daniel,

    all links on
    TSMC Company Wiki - SemiWiki
    linking to your website, e.g. all regarding yield, are broken.

    Dear Daniel,

    I'm a engineer in China. And I have a personal blog (�常硅 Verilicon) which mainly about IC design knowledge and news. I like your articles in semiwiki and I want to translate some of them to chinese language to write them on my blog. Could I did this? I will keep the link to your articles in my blog posts.
    Waiting for your authorization.
    Thanks for the tip. I thought it looked a little bare, but hadn't made it all the way to doing something about it!
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