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Gaúcha do Norte

Localizado no município de Gaúcha do Norte em Mato Grosso disponibiliza a pista para pouso e decolagem de aeronaves. Atualmente o Aeroporto Gaúcha do Norte que leva o nome do município e tem seu registo na ANAC e com ele o reconhecimento oficial de sua existência e utilidade dentro da lei.
I was stumbling around YouTube when I came across your interview in Moore's Law Is Dead. You might have announced it somewhere (I missed it) but I found it to be quite informative & entertaining. First time I heard your voice too! Congrats & hope to hear/see more of you in the future!
Portland, I'm especially sensitive to this when a doctor we went to recommended a procedure that when I checked with top doctors, with top reputations over seas recommended against the procedure so strongly they refused to perform it. A close friend went through the procedure and has had nothing but serious health problems.