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In that wolf story the boy was eventually, tragically, correct. Will that be the story of High NA? Well, we have a couple of years to see it play out.

Of course, I'm more interested in EBL, so I'm just an interested bystander on HNA. If it goes sour, better for me
Dylan's latest article analyzing hybrid bonding is the best SemiAnalysis yet.

I like Dylan, and I like Fred. Both are educational.

Fred is often "the boy who cried wolf". If you believed everything he has written, EUV would never have worked - but I have been using a phone built with EUV for over 2 years. You need to give credit to the engineers who use those things and who really make them effective.
I don't wholly disagree about Fred. As a memory guy he obviously has a different perspective that is partially validated by micron leading w/SAPQ. As for Dylan, I've seen far to much pulling things out of his rear and "trust me bro" to highly regard him. If it is correct it was publicly available, but the second he is making inferences or leaks from his "sources" I don't think I have seen a single accurate statement.