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The article 'VLSI Design Careers', explains why aspiring VLSI engineers should consider learning processor design for their long-term career in the semiconductor industry.
Check out the article.
Hi Tom
We have been working extensively on RISC V and ONNX , DL and AI. Wondering how can we collaborate.
Why do we need smart cities? The purpose of transforming cities is to improve the quality of life by harnessing technology like IoT, AI, and Machine Learning algorithms. Technology integration is one of the key challenges in developing smart cities.
Police brutality is a fairly easy topic to write an essay for. After all, almost everyone has their own opinion on this topic. But if you have problems with this, you can always refer to other works And choose among various opinions the one that is closest to you.
Gaúcha do Norte

Localizado no município de Gaúcha do Norte em Mato Grosso disponibiliza a pista para pouso e decolagem de aeronaves. Atualmente o Aeroporto Gaúcha do Norte que leva o nome do município e tem seu registo na ANAC e com ele o reconhecimento oficial de sua existência e utilidade dentro da lei.
Field Service Management has a crucial role in maintaining telecommunication systems as they are responsible for planning, installing, testing, and maintaining the equipment to run a proper communication network.