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Robust NVM Solutions for Specialty and Advanced FinFET Technologies Webinar

Robust NVM Solutions for Specialty and Advanced FinFET Technologies Webinar
by Daniel Nenni on 09-25-2017 at 12:00 pm

Webinars are a very effective communications channel in a fast paced industry like semiconductor design. If you sign-up in advance and you can’t make the live version, you will be automatically notified when the replay is available so you can watch it at your leisure. I’m guilty of this for sure, because of my hectic schedule I watch many replays. The next webinar that I will no doubt watch the replay of is from Sidense featuring Betina Hold, Sidense R&D Director . If you are designing mobile, automotive, industrial or consumer IoT devices Non Volatile Memory is in there somewhere so this is your chance to see the latest and greatest NVM technology, absolutely.


The rapid progress in new Smart Connected ICs is driving the deployment of new specialty processes and smaller advanced technology nodes. Sidense 1T-NVM memory macros support the stringent requirements for a wide range of Smart Connected devices: operation from low-voltage sources with limited energy budgets, operation in harsh environments and robust, high-reliability operation over extended temperature ranges. Today I will discuss how the latest 1T-NVM developments from Sidense address Smart Connected requirements with designs for specialty processes and 3D bit-cell designs for advanced process nodes.

The Smart Connected universe comprises devices and systems that are networked, usually wirelessly, and have some compute power. These include edge nodes (commonly called smart sensors when they are coupled), hub nodes that aggregate data from edge nodes, and central computation, usually in the Cloud, that performs analytics on the aggregated edge-node data and controls resultant actions. The Smart Connected universe encompasses several markets including mobile computing/communication, automotive, industrial, IoT wearables and medical.

The demands of Smart Connected devices vary. While the importance of each requirement changes depending on the application, some of the more universal demands are: broad process and variant coverage, low-voltage operation, ability to function in harsh environments, highly reliable and robust operation over extended temperatures, and very high security.

Sidense’s split-channel 1T-Fuse bit cell, the heart of all 1T-NVM products, works with all specialty and advanced processes and is optimized for various operational and fabrication requirements. The 1T-NVM macros have been designed to take full advantage of key process features.

Sidense supports a wide range of TSMC BCD and HV processes and is in volume production in many PMIC and sensor designs. We are an acknowledged leader in term of area advantage in these technologies. Sidense 1T-NVM macros meet the stringent AEC-Q100 Grade 1 requirements for high temperature (125°C) operation for all of these processes and Grade 0 (150°C) for selected processes.

Sidense’s 1T-NVM products have been certified to IS0-9001, which defines the requirements of a quality management system to provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Our 1T-NVM macros go through many phases of high-reliability testing and meet AEC-Q100 Grade 1 and, for products targeting automotive and industrial applications, Grade 0 requirements. All 1T-NVM products are designed for over 10 years of operation at 100% read duty cycles. We are also developing our memory macros to meet the trend to elevated temperature operation, 185°C and even higher.


About Sidense Corp.
Sidense Corp. provides very dense, highly reliable, and secure Logic Non-Volatile Memory (LNVM) IP for one-time programmable (OTP) and emulated Multi-time Programmable (eMTP) use in standard-logic CMOS processes. The Company, with over 120 patents granted or pending, licenses OTP memory IP based on its innovative one-transistor 1T-Fuse™ bit cell, which does not require extra masks or process steps to manufacture. Sidense 1T-NVM macros provide a better field-programmable, reliable and cost-effective solution than flash, mask ROM, eFuse and other embedded and off-chip NVM technologies for many code storage, encryption key, analog trimming, and device configuration uses.

Over 150 companies, including many of the top fabless semiconductor manufacturers and IDMs, have adopted Sidense 1T-NVM as their embedded non-volatile memory solution for more than 500 designs. Customers are realizing outstanding savings in solution cost and power consumption along with better security and reliability for applications ranging from mobile and consumer devices to high-temperature, high-reliability automotive and industrial electronics. The IP is offered at and supported by all top-tier semiconductor foundries and selected IDMs. Sidense is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with sales offices worldwide. For more information, please visit www.sidense.com.

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