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CES 2022 and the Electrification of Cycling

CES 2022 and the Electrification of Cycling
by Daniel Payne on 01-05-2022 at 10:00 am

With the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus in the news, there have been some big corporate names withdrawing from CES ( Peleton, Super73), however the cycling innovation companies assembled once again in Las Vegas this year for CES 2022. Data from statista show the strong growth in bicycle revenues in March 2020, when the pandemic started in the US, showing an 85% growth in Electric bikes:statista min

eMobility Experience

This year visitors to CES could go for a test ride on an outdoor track, with about a hundred electric models to ride.

emobility min
eMobility Test Track


Alta Cycling Group showcased their eBike brands: Diamondback, IZIP, Redline and Haibike. The Diamondback Union 2 has a class 3 Bosch Performance Line Speed motor, fenders, lights and a rack for commuting and shopping trips:

Diamondback min

The IZIP brand categorizes their eBikes into: Adventuring, Commuting, Cruising.

adventuring min
commuting min
cruising min
Tern Bicycles min
Tern Bicycles
hyper min
Hyper Bicycles
Coaster Cycles
VAAST Bikes min
ixrider min
iX Rider
Bianchi min
Bianchi Aria E-Road
Magnum Scout min
Magnum Scout
Totem Zen Rider min
Totem USA – Zen Rider
RKS min
RKS Motor
SoFlow min
Aventpn Adventure Ebike min
Aventon – Adventure Ebike
Dongguan CXM
Dongguan CXM
Euphree City Robin min
Euphree – City Robin
Fiil min
Fiil Bikes
Giant Road E1Pro min
Giant – Road E+ 1 Pro
GO Express min
Go Power Bikes – GO Express
Hongji min
Hongji Bike: E-CityMM01
Hyper Bicycles min
Hyper Bicycles
Rad Power Bikes min
Rad Power Bikes
Tern Bikes min
Tern Bicycles
LeMond min
LeMond Bicycles

I noticed how some of these eBikes have concealed the batteries into the frame, while others look like the batteries are just bolted onto the frame. I prefer the concealed look much better.

From China there’s NIU and with an e-bike called the BQi, designed with a step-through frame, concealed batteries and a 62 mile range, boasting a top speed of 28mph, priced attractively at just $1,075, which is quite low for an e-bike.

BQi min
NUI BQi-C1 Pro

Bird started out with scooter rentals, but this year had two new e-Bikes, one with a step-through frame, and the other with a traditional top tube. I liked the built-in light features, concealed batteries, and these look to be commuter bikes.

Bird min

Hailing from my home state of Minnesota is Benno Bikes, and they showed a lineup of four models:  Boost, Ejoy, Escout, Remidemi.  Each of these models is aimed at carrying cargo in the back and front.

Benno Bikes min
Benno Bikes – BOOST

If speed is your ultimate goal, then consider the 50mph top speed from Delfast, and it boasts a range of 200 miles.

Delfast min
Delfast (Source: UPI)

Another city e-bike, but with a twist, Urtopia sports a single-speed, carbon frame, fingerprint scanner, LED lighting, turn signals, and a built-in display on the stem.

Urtopia min
OKAI EB20 min

Wise-integration has an e-bike charger that is 6X smaller and 6X more energy efficient by using GaN technology.

Wise integration min

GPS Tuner provides the infrastructure that an e-bike system needs: an IoT Adapter, white label apps, and the cloud.

GPS Tuner min
GPS Tuner

All of those e-bikes need to be parked and charged, especially for commuters, so ParkENT has developed a secure charging station.

ParkENT min
ParkENT – secure charging station

Carbon frames provide the lightest weight for bicycles, however the traditional process to make them is quite labor intensive, which drives the prices up, so Superstrata has a 3D-printed carbon frame composite, in both traditional and e-bike versions.

Superstrata min 1
Superstrata E

CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree

We all love to win awards, right? Bosch got an Honoree award for their eBike Systems, which consists of an eBike Flow app, an LED user interface, color display, rechargeable battery and drive unit. It’s smart enough to support over-the-air updates, something that we take for granted with our smart phones and other electronic devices. With an eBike you really need to know how low the battery charge is, so that you don’t get surprised mid-ride. You’ve likely heard of Bosch as supplying automotive parts, but they’ve also been supporting eBikes with electric motors for several years now too.

bosch min

JBL has a portable Bluetooth speaker called the Wind 3 that mounts to your handlebars while cycling.

JBL Wind 3 min
JBL Wind 3

I wear a heart rate monitor while cycling, but now there’s a new sensor product from CORE that measures your core body temperature during a workout. It’s also used by 8 professional cycling teams.

CORE min

Indoor Trainers

LG showed off their Virtual Ride, a stationary bike concept along with three vertical 55-inch OLED displays, spanning quite the range of vision to make you feel more immersed while working out:

Virtual Ride min

Echelon has their EX-8S, a Peleton competitor, sporting a 24″ curved display, and priced at $2,399, plus a $34.99 monthly subscription.

Echelon min
Echelon EX-8S

AI workouts targeted to just your fitness level is the goal of Renpho and their new Smart Bike Pro.

Renpho Smart Bike Pro min
Renpho – Smart Bike Pro

Cultbike comes with a 22″ touchscreen to view your spin class workouts, and you can view actual outdoor video scenery to pass the time.

Cultbike min

Cycling Cameras

There are a couple of use models for adding a camera system to your bike: safety – you now have a record of approaching vehicles in case of a collision or near miss, social – you like to share video clips or photos from the route and your cycling buddies.

apeman debuted the SEEKER series of 4K HD action camera for rear-facing, or front-facing configurations.

apeman min

Smart Helmets

How about adding programmable lights to the front and back of a cycling helmet, then adding Bluetooth speakers? That’s what OKAI did with the SH10 smart helmet.

OKAI SH10 min

Electricity Generation

Growing up as a kid in Minnesota I recall seeing a 3-speed English bike with a wheel-mounted generator that provided electricity for a front light. Now there’s a company called WITHUS & EARTH that generates electricity from a device placed near your rotating wheel, yet not touching it, as magnets placed inside of the wheel help turn the dynamo. The company has won a CES award for the third year in a row now.

Withus min

Cycling App

From Korea comes a cycling app called Veloga Cycle, sporting lots of data fields, analytics, and a way to share your ride with others. Here in the US we’ve already seen many similar apps: Strava, MapMyRide, RideWithGPS. My cycling journey with apps started out with MapMyRide, but then I switched to Strava, because all of my buddies used it, and I wanted to fit into the community.

Veloga Cycle min
Veloga Cycle

Daniels 2021 Cycling

Here’s the Strava stats for my cycling in 2021, and you’re invited to follow me on Strava, I will follow you back so let’s stay in shape together.

Strava 2021 min

My epic endurance ride was from Tualatin, OR to Pacific City and back, 206.5 miles, yes, in one ride.

Here’s a list of all the electronics that I ride with:

On rainy days in Oregon I cycle indoors with:

zwift min

I did a virtual Everest on February 6, 2021 with a buddy, climbing over 29,029 feet, and covering 132 miles on Zwift. Follow me on Zwift, Daniel Payne (VV), and I will follow you back.


The electrification of the bicycle continues in 2022, with the e-bike category continuing to grow across a wide range of models. Gamification of fitness is another mega-trend, with spin bikes and smart trainers leading the way. Traditional bike companies are trying to catch up with new e-bike models, while the number of untraditional bike competitors continues to rise.

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