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Altair at #59DAC with the Concept Engineering Acquisition

Altair at #59DAC with the Concept Engineering Acquisition
by Daniel Nenni on 07-07-2022 at 10:00 am

The Design Automation Conference has been the pinnacle for semiconductor design for almost 60 years. This year will be my 38th DAC and I can’t wait to see everyone again. One of the companies I will be spending time with this year is Altair.

Last month Altair acquired our friends at Concept Engineering, the leading provider of electronic system visualization software. Prior to that Altair acquired our friends at Runtime Design Automation. The Runtime people are still at Altair which is a very good sign. Prior to the Runtime acquisition I had little contact with Altair but over the last two years I have developed a great amount of respect for what they have accomplished, absolutely.

Altair HPC Banner

Altair will be at DAC this year in a very big way, which I greatly appreciate. Here is a quick preview from their DAC landing page:

Compute Intelligence for Breakthrough Results Visit us at #59DAC!

Join us to learn more about Altair’s world-class, high-throughput solutions for every step of the semiconductor design process (and more!).

Altair solutions are used by leading companies all over the globe to keep EDA, HPC, and cloud compute resources running smoothly and efficiently. We care about the same critical components you do — including cores, licenses, and emulation — and know that even the most capable hardware can’t do its job without the right tools to enable top performance and high throughput.

Schedule Meeting

Rapidly Advancing Electronics: Altair Solutions Enable Rapid Growth for Wired Connectivity Leader Kandou

Faced with rapid growth, the team at Kandou needed to manage workloads and licensing for their expensive EDA tools. The team chose Altair® Accelerator™ for job scheduling and Altair® Monitor™ for real-time license monitoring and management, resulting in improved product development, getting to market faster, and saving money on expensive EDA tools.

Read the Customer Story

Inphi Corporation Speeds Up Semiconductor Design with Altair Accelerator

The team at Inphi understands the importance of HPC and EDA software performance optimization better than most. They evaluated several competing solutions before selecting Altair Accelerator, which stood out among the competition for superior performance and Altair’s reputation for excellent customer service.

Read the Customer Story

CEA Speeds Up EDA for Research: Powering R&D at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission

CEA Tech, the Grenoble-based technology research unit for the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is a global leader in miniaturization technologies that enable smart digital systems and secure, energy-efficient solutions for industry.

Read the Customer Story

Using I/O Profiling to Migrate and Right-size EDA Workloads in Microsoft Azure

Semiconductor companies are taking advantage of Microsoft Azure HPC infrastructures for their complex electronic design automation (EDA) software. When one of the largest semiconductor companies asked for help using Azure to run its EDA workloads, Microsoft teamed up with Altair. This presentation outlines how Microsoft used Altair Breeze™ to diagnose I/O patterns, choose the workflow segments best suited for the cloud, and right-size the Azure infrastructure. The result was better performance and lower costs for our semiconductor customer.

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Measuring Success in Semiconductor Design Optimization: What Metrics Matter?

There are few fields in the world as competitive as semiconductor design exploration and verification. Teams might run tens of millions of compute jobs in a single day on their quest to bring new chips to market first, requiring vast quantities of compute and, increasingly, cloud and emulator resources, as well as expensive EDA licenses, and the all-important resource, time. In this roundtable, experts will discuss the license-, job-, compute-, and host-based metrics, highlighting the optimization strategies that edge out the competition and drive up profitability.

Learn More

I hope to see you there!

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