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Social Media at Carbon Design Systems

Social Media at Carbon Design Systems
by Daniel Payne on 03-18-2014 at 11:12 am

Started in 2002 Carbon Design Systems has ESL (Electronic System Level) modeling and validation tools for complex SoC design. With their software you can:

  • Perform system level model generation of existing and 3rd party IP directly from RTL for use in any virtual platform
  • Do performance analysis & optimization of SoC architectures
  • Enable pre-silicon firmware debug

Visiting their Home page at www.carbondesignsystems.com you see just two icons for social media: Twitter and an RSS feed.


Their twitter handle is @CarbonDesignSys and you’ll find about 129 tweets, they follow 300, and have 153 followers. You’ll see only a few tweets per month usually.

Their latest tweet refers to a recent press release on stellar 2013 financial results with a 46% increase in bookings, while the next two tweets are linked to recent blogs.


That funny orange wave icon on the Home page is the standard RSS symbol (Really Simple Syndication), and clicking it will add their blog feed to your RSS feed reader. I am using a web-based RSS feed reader from www.feedly.com, only after Google did an end of life on their excellent RSS feed reader.

You’ll find technical content on the blogs at Carbon from authors like:

Blog titles from the past year include:

Their blogs have plenty of diagrams, screen shots or even YouTube videos to help explain how to build the perfect virtual prototype for your next SoC.


Although not listed on their Home page or web site, Carbon Design does indeed have a presence on LinkedIn with 267 followers, even more than on Twitter which is typical for engineering-oriented companies.

The Product page has links to their four major products:

  • Carbon Model Studio
  • Carbon Performance Analysis Kits
  • SoC Designer Plus
  • Carbon IP Exchange

I’m connected with a handful of folks at Carbon: Andy Ladd, Brad Perdue, Bill Neifert.


There isn’t a Google+ page yet for Carbon Design, however you’ll find four employees using Google+ like: Bill Neifert, Matthew Fisch, Matt Grasse and Eric Fontana. I’m an avid cyclist, so I’d like to go for a ride with Eric Fontana some day.

ARM Connected Community

Lots of SoC designs use an ARM core, so you’ll find Carbon Design mentioned a few dozen times over at the ARM Connected Community. You must become a member to see the articles and conversations, but the registration process is painless.


My former Mentor co-worker Brian Bailey blogs about virtual prototyping and Carbon Design over at www.semiengineering.com. Brian has deep knowledge about functional verification and the ESL space.


John Cooley’s web site has some 31 mentions of Carbon Design Systems, where you’ll read from anonymous engineers chatting about what they saw at DAC or tried out during an evaluation.


Carbon Design has a growing presence in the social media world, and here at SemiWiki we’re blogging each month about some aspect of their software business. I would recommend that you start out by Following their LinkedIn account, subscribe to their RSS feed, or read our monthly blog on SemiWiki to keep updated.

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