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Semiconductor IP on Fortune’s 2017 100 Fastest-Growing Companies List!

Semiconductor IP on Fortune’s 2017 100 Fastest-Growing Companies List!
by Daniel Nenni on 10-04-2017 at 7:00 am

 The Semiconductor IP market has always been a big draw for SemiWiki readership and I expect that to continue. One of the more interesting companies we have covered over the past 6+ years is CEVA, who is now on Fortune’s 2017 100 Fastest-Growing Companies List. In fact, CEVA is the ONLY semiconductor IP company on the list and they join semiconductor companies: Silicon Motion, NVIDIA, Cirrus Logic, Micro Semi, Skyworks, and IDT.

Gideon Wertheizer, CEO of CEVA commented: “Fortune’s acknowledgment of CEVA as one of the fastest growing public companies over the past three years is a testament to our successful expansion strategy which has enabled us to become a technology leader. Our platform IPs for 5G, deep learning, computer vision, voice assistants, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are critical building blocks for all smart and connected devices. We are very proud to feature on this list alongside some of the world’s most prominent companies.”

We are at the intersection of three trends that are making Semiconductor IP even more interesting moving forward: The advent of systems companies making their own chips (systems companies now dominate the fabless semiconductor ecosystem and I expect that trend to continue), Artificial Intelligence is a boom to Semiconductor IP (deep learning and computer vision for example), and M&A – the mega acquisition of ARM by Softbank last year followed by the Chinese acquisition of Imagination Technologies this year.

CEVA stock, by the way, was around $15 when we started covering them and today it is over $40.

For the record, CEVA is the leading licensor of signal processing IP that is used for: Image and Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Audio, Voice, Speech, and Sensor Fusion. CEVA also provides Wireless Communication, and connectivity IP. The target markets include: Mobile, Wearable, Automotive, Industrial and Consumer IoT, which just about covers every topic on SemiWiki.com, absolutely.

CEVA is also a very well run company with more than 300 employees in the US, Israel, Europe and Asia. To date more than 8 billion CEVA-powered chips have been shipped worldwide. Given the exploding silicon growth in IoT, Automotive, Robotics, Drones, Mobile, Wearables, and dozens of other vertical markets, we should hit a trillion CEVA-powered chips in the not too distant future.

Bottom line: Semiconductor IP is a critical enabler of the fabless semiconductor ecosystem.

About CEVA, Inc.
CEVA is the leading licensor of signal processing IP for a smarter, connected world. We partner with semiconductor companies and OEMs worldwide to create power-efficient, intelligent and connected devices for a range of end markets, including mobile, consumer, automotive, industrial and IoT. Our ultra-low-power IPs for vision, audio, communications and connectivity include comprehensive DSP-based platforms for LTE/LTE-A/5G baseband processing in handsets, infrastructure and machine-to-machine devices, advanced imaging, computer vision and deep learning for any camera-enabled device, audio/voice/speech and ultra-low power always-on/sensing applications for multiple IoT markets. For connectivity, we offer the industry’s most widely adopted IPs for Bluetooth (low energy and dual mode), Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac up to 4×4) and serial storage (SATA and SAS). Visit us at
www.ceva-dsp.com and follow us onTwitter,YouTube andLinkedIn.

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