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Advanced/Senior Software Engineer – Computational Mechanics Specialist

Advanced/Senior Software Engineer – Computational Mechanics Specialist
by Admin on 02-10-2020 at 6:56 am

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Job Description:

Develop Finite Element (FE) computational mechanics formulations at the solution procedure, element and material level, bolt/contact interaction modules. Design, implement and debug the developed formulations within production FE software.  Clearly write out expository documentation on the formulations used, communicate the design interface to Product Managers, QA and Support Engineers, while adhering to best practices in software development process.  Develop test cases including real world application of the implemented feature.  Also contribute to bug-fixing activity and exposing the features through technical documentation as needed.

Prerequisites and Essential Functions:

Strong background (Master’s or PhD) in computational mechanics and numerical implementation of such formulations that are suitable for solid mechanics, thermal, and geo-technical engineering applications. Numerical methods covering stability and accuracy of the equations being integrated in the above domains, and their implementation is required.  Exposure to lock-free element formulation, any Multiphysics development and High-Performance Computing (HPC) aspects of technical computing is desirable. Programming experience with (modern) C++, object-oriented techniques and other functional languages such as C/Fortran is a requirement. Strong communication skills required. Exposure to agile and scrum principles and practices is a plus.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Industry Software Inc.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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