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TSM most important company on earth

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
It's been largely overlooked, but TSM has become key to not only the world's economies but the world's militaries. Of all corporations, TSM has become the most important company on earth with great political powers, but also almost every commercial power in a span of just a few years. It has become the linchpin of business, research, government, and military endeavors of almost every type and political persuasion. Never has any company achieved such widespread and critical uses of its products with such deep penetration. This has involved a level of collaboration of countries, companies, and research institutions unparalleled in human history. Maybe there is something to be learned from this great company in navigating not only the technical world but the commercial and political world. TSM has made more, faster, and widely spread progress and has enabled many of its partners to do the same. Imagine the progress that could be made if these same strategies and structures could be applied to other critical fields. This would be a good model for not only facing the challenges before us but making the world a far better place for everyone. This is not only the genius of Morris Chang but his ability to assemble a team that has literally pulled off the impossible and made it possible. I hope the world can learn by seeing what this great company has achieved far beyond just the technologies it has brought to the world.