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CS/CS/EDA Graduate Readiness Survey

My name is Matthew Morrison, and I am with Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. As part of my role, I am working to develop new methods and avenues for educating and training successful EDA students. I have been working with the Design Automation Summer School at DAC, as well as with the Cadence Academic Network. Training the new generation of EDA students is a passion of mine, and if we are successful, we can develop new pipelines of EDA graduates who are ready to join industry, both technically as well as the capability to complete a project design.

I would appreciate your participation in a baseline study of the perception of recent graduates in terms of technical knowledge, professional preparation, and project planning. Additionally, there is one open-ended question: "For new graduates entering your workplace, if you could improve one aspect of their professional preparation which would make them more productive upon hiring, what would that be?" Your candid answers will help us create a program that will further empower Notre Dame CSE students in their pursuit of a CS/CE degree, particularly in EDA areas.

The form may be found here:

Your response is confidential if you wish. Please feel free to share with anyone you feel may be interested or qualified to address these questions. Thank you for your time.

Matthew Morrison