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AI/ML Revolution, EDA/Foundry/Platform/SAS Required

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
AI/ML are proving expensive and time consuming to create and implement in their current form, slowing down progress significantly. Just like the semi/nanotech industry when it started out, progress was slow and costs were high, but both brought down rapidly with changing business models that greatly compressed time to market and costs, while increasing the distribution, availability, versatility and adaptability of hardware and software, while lowering costs at an ever accelerating rate I call the "Great Acceleration". Since the models of EDA, foundry, platforms and SAS have already been built for software and hardware, we will soon see these same models applied to AI/ML that will drive progress in these areas far faster than we have seen with other technologies since the models for accelerated progress are already built and in use in the tech sector. As AI/ML are integrated into existing models and entirely new models for new endeavors are created, we will see progress at a rate thought impossible just a few years ago. One current example of this is the space race, where costs to launch are coming down dramatically while versatility is increasing. Robotics is currently growing at 19%(Barrons) and it's the intelligence, rather than the brawn that is the most impressive area of gain.

All these services will have to offered on a platform, subscription basis to keep up with the accelerating rate of change to keep from the rapidly accelerating pace of obsolescence both in hardware, software and to keep up with the advances of the tasks and equipment it deals with.

This change is going to bring massive disruption to entire industries/governments/social structures and untold opportunities for existing governments, organizations and companies. Current EDA, foundry, platform and SAS/cloud companies are going to have great opportunities to expand, especially since they already have the foundations built. AI/ML will enable the automation of everything, creating the greatest opportunities in the history of many in almost every endeavor imaginable. As even raw/base research becomes more automated, in some cases totally automated, progress will speed up exponentially, as will the dangers.

Special interests of all types, including outright criminal organizations will want to impede this progress, but also use it to maximize their returns. This will also change the value and nature of how data is handled, transferred, sold, rented and special rights given. In other words, raw data will be sliced, diced, sold and manipulated in ways most haven't even imagined. This will change society in every way including law enforcement, military, finance, government, business and social structures in ways almost all haven't even imagined. The biggest shock will come from the implementation of AI/ML systems combined with advanced robotics to play a significant, maybe even dominant roles are areas once considered to be immune to full automation or even partial innovation, especially medical in which the US ranks 37th in quality with such high costs that are increasing at such a rate, medical costs are ranked the greatest threat to the nation(the Pentagon has ruled debt our greatest threat and medical is the largest contributor to our debt and growing fast).

In this transition, the SemiWiki communities and ones like it in a variety of fields and endeavors must step up to the plate and take a hand in guiding this most massive change in the history of man and harness it to the common good. Mistakes will be made and there will be more than a few disasters, but this must not deter us from the challenges and benefits of the very profound changes AI/ML have the potential to bring, wisdom required.

The ability of AI/ML to leverage everything by what was once considered extreme factors is not to be underestimated, but will require the tools and platforms we have used to leverage previous advancements to get the most out of both, just as they have been used in the past, only they can be set up to feed on themselves, giving us a leverage factor only dreamed about. Extending and leveraging AI/ML will yield the greatest changes in the history of man and extend our reach even off planet.

Just a partial sampling of companies to look at, Google, Micron, TSMC, Intel, IBM, Amazon, Autodesk, Cadence, Mentor, Salesforce, Apple, Adobe, AMAT, ASML, Pearson, Samsung, LG, Interactive Brokers and many others.

Comments, thoughts and additions solicited and welcome.

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