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Recent content by mbello

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    Feedback welcome for our latest paper on the China 2025 IC plan

    Figure 10 is also problematic. One can't tell whether the blue bar represents China or RoW. Then why is China or RoW zeroed in Fig10?
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    Huawei launches a 7nm-based ARM server chip to fight Intel on the Data Center

    This is, in my opinion, a bigger threat to Intel's DC business than Power, Ampere, Cavium, etc. The chinese government is certainly going to back Huawei big time and this could be a game changer in a few years, especially with TSMC doing so well. It surely takes much more than a fast processor...
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    Excellent news for AMD

    First of all, AMD announced great financial results, its best in 7 years. AMD Announces Q2 2018 Results: Best Quarter In Seven Years Next, AMD announced that Epyc Rome will be manufactured at TSMC 7nm, and chip is already sampling. This explains why Epyc 2 will come before Ryzen 2. Also...
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    Intel's 10nm launch is a PR stunt.

    Is Intel's upcoming 10nm 'launch' real or a PR stunt? - SemiAccurate Can Intel's management team pull that off with no real consequence?
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    Intel delays mass production of 10nm CPUs to 2019

    It will have taken 5 years for Intel to move from 14nm to 10nm. How will Intel maintain its market position going forward? Intel Delays Mass Production of 10 nm CPUs to 2019
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    Marvell to buy Cavium

    Access Denied Interesting news. Apparently, boards from both sides have approved the deal. Related to this news, I recently saw this blog post from CloudFlare (ARM Takes Wing: Qualcomm vs. Intel CPU comparison) which is the first good benchmark I have seen of Qualcomm's Centriq server chip...
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    Intel Announces CPU With HBM2 Memory & AMD Graphics

    From New Intel Core Processor Combines High-Performance CPU with Custom Discrete Graphics from AMD to Enable Sleeker, Thinner Devices | Intel Newsroom (...) "Today, we’re sharing initial details on a new product that does exactly that, reducing the usual silicon footprint to less than half that...
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    AMD Ryzen is.... buggy?

    Recently, there have been reports of Ryzen instability. AMD is yet to answer. One forum thread where this discussion is going on in more detail is linked to below: Gentoo Forums :: View topic - Segfaults during compilation on AMD Ryzen. Many users reporting issues and they are yet to find a...
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    Qualcomm Begins Commercial Sampling of World's First 10nm Server Processor

    Qualcomm Begins Commercial Sampling of World’s First 10nm Server Processor and Reshapes the Future of Datacenter Computing | Qualcomm 48-core processor, shipping in H2/2017 To me it felt like Qualcomm was taking forever to release their server processor, but the fact that they will launch it...