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Recent content by kingmouf

  1. K

    Intel has serious problems with 10nm yields

    I believe that Charlie Demerjian can be just another internet personna saying whatever he wants. Writing words on the keyboard and blogging is free, right? So the whole story here should not be about Charlie or not. It should be about Intel and whether its responses demonstrate a coherent story...
  2. K

    Intel to Reclaim Number One Semiconductor Supplier Ranking in 2019

    I kinda find that these rankings are a little bit misleading and not that helpful. For example, I find no point in including on the same ranking design / fabless companies and foundries, nor using the combined foundry+IDM numbers for certain companies. Broadcom, Intel, Qualcomm, nVidia use TSMC...
  3. K

    Intel auctioning off 5G patents

    When Intel announced that they would retreat from the client modem market for 5G, didnt they emphatically announce that they would continue to develop and invest for the infrastructure? If they are selling off their 5G...
  4. K

    IP pricing

    Dear all, I need to evaluate some options on whether we can afford to buy IP for an FPGA design or we have to develop it ourselves. However, it is impossible for me to find any prices... only to contact a sales person. Since I am on the engineering side and the project is in very very early...