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SemiWiki Webinar Series: Who Wants to do a Webinar?

SemiWiki Webinar Series: Who Wants to do a Webinar?
by Daniel Nenni on 07-26-2019 at 10:00 am

Webinars have been a popular form of communication since even before SemiWiki existed and they are a mainstay in today’s fast-moving semiconductor ecosystem.

In the past, SemiWiki has assisted with more than a hundred webinars. Today SemiWiki can do a complete webinar from start to finish using the GotoWebinar software. SemiWiki bloggers can assist with content creation and promotion, plus we have more than 8 years experience perfecting the webinar recipe. This brings us to the upcoming SemiWiki Webinar Series.

Thus far we have more than a dozen webinars in process. When the registration page goes live it will appear on the front page SemiWiki Webinar Series widget, which is also included in the weekly SemiWiki newsletter. More detailed information about the webinar will be available via blogs before the webinar goes live and after the webinar replay is available so stay tuned.

Here is what we have scheduled thus far:


GPU-Powered SPICE: The Way Forward for Analog Simulation

Eliminating Hybrid Verification Barriers Through Test Suite Synthesis

Avoiding CDM (Charged Device Model) ESD Failures

Fabless: The Transformation of the Semiconductor Industry

eFPGA – “What a great idea! But I have no idea how I’d use it!”

Ensuring System-level Security Through Hardware/Software Security Verification

Flexible, Multiprotocol IO’s in 7nm FinFets

The Brave New World of Customized Memory

VLSI Design Methodology Development

Enabling Efficient Engineering Infrastructure: Streamline your development resources and increase engineering productivity

Desinging Complex SoCs and Dealing with Multiple File Formats?

Please notice this is a mix of company sponsored and blogger specific webinars. For example, Paul McLellan and I will do a webinar on our 2019 updated version of  “Fabless: The Transformation of the Semiconductor Industry”. People who attend the webinar will be able to download a PDF copy of the book. Tom Dillinger will also be doing a webinar on his new book “VLSI Design Methodology Development” published by Prentice Hall. Other SemiWiki bloggers will be joining in the SemiWiki Webinar Series later this year as well.

One thing I wanted to consider is opening up the webinar series to SemiWiki members who have something personal to promote or something semiconductor to say for the greater good of the industry that we all know and love. Or if you have a topic that you would like us to cover in a webinar we can consider that as well. Please leave comments here or email me directly on SemiWiki.

Back to the scheduled webinars, participating companies are (in order on the widget): Empryean, Breker, Magwel, Flex Logix, Tortuga Logic, Concept Engineering, sureCore, Methodics, and Analog Bits with many more to come.

In the past 8 years and 7 months has attracted more than 3,094,662 users from 24,725 unique domains. We have published more than 6,530 blogs that have garnered more than 19,054 comments.  SemiWiki has also published 7 books (with 2 more coming this year) and dozens of white papers and reports.

SemiWiki is called a boutique media channel since we are semiconductor professionals who can write versus journalists. Our audience is worldwide with the top ten viewing countries: United States, India, Taiwan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, South Korea, Canada, China, and Japan.

While this was my initial concept, SemiWiki has developed and succeeded beyond all expectations as a collaboration between semiconductor professionals around the world, absolutely.

Thank you all again for being part of SemWiki’s amazing success and I hope to see you on a webinar real soon.

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