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Webinar: Electrical Rules Checking – How to Reduce Thousands of False Errors in 15 Minutes Using OneCheck Smart Clustering

July 9 @ 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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Analyzing electrical errors across an IP or a SoC at top level, can be a painful and long process, often requiring extensive setup time and hundred of hours to distinguish real issues from false positives.

To address this challenge, Aniah developed OneCheck, a formal analysis tool capable of detecting 100% of electrical errors at the transistor level. With intelligent features, it reduces false positives and groups replicated errors by root cause.

Join our webinar for an in-depth look at Aniah OneCheck and its SmartClustering technology, presented by CEO Vincent Bligny. Through a live demo on a 20 million transistor SoC design, you’ll witness OneCheck’s powerful formal analysis and SmartClustering capabilities in action, streamlining setup, processing, and analysis.

Discover in this insightful session for technical experts how modern Electrical Rules Checking solution, with SmartClustering intelligence can transform your verification workflows.

Speaker Bio: Vincent Blign (Linkedin Bio https://www.linkedin.com/in/vincent-bligny/) is a renowned expert in mixed-signal verification, particularly with transistor-level formal techniques. He spent 15 years in this industry, mainly within STMicroelectronics’ design and verification teams, allowing him to understand the challenges and opportunities of the EDA field. In 2019, Vincent co-founded Aniah with the vision of delivering an ERC tool that empowers 100% of designers to find 100% of errors efficiently. Driven by a designer-centric approach, Aniah’s tool for ERC aims to improve the verification process and bring products to market more effectively, while simplifying the lives of designers!

*This webinar is in partnership with SemiWiki and Aniah


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