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2024 Qualcomm Product Security Summit

May 15 - May 17

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Presentations from the 2023 Qualcomm Product Security Summit

  • A dark side of UEFI: the same classes of vulnerabilities can affect multiple silicon ecosystems – Alex Matrosov
  • Incident response at Qualcomm: Deriving value from the fires – Scott Bauer
  • The Current and Future of Post-Quantum Cryptography – Reza Azarderakhsh
  • Shooting Cryptographic Fish in a Barrel – Nadia Heninger
  • SyzDescribe: Principled, Automated, Static Generation of Syscall Descriptions for Kernel Drivers – Yu Hao
  • Automated and Hardwareless Firmware Fuzzing – Tobias Scharnowski
  • Emulating Renesas RH850 for fun and vulnerability research – Damien Cauquil
  • Do you trust your system interconnect? Toward safe and secure on-chip communications in modern SoCs – Francesco Restuccia
  • MLIR is the future of program analysis – Peter Goodman
  • Upcoming government regulation/certification of hardware and software – Bert Hubert
  • Proving firmware supply chain security: Dealing with non-public input in reproducible system images – René Mayrhofer and Martin Schwaighofer
  • Enhancing Vulnerability Information Using Automated Analysis – Trevor Dunlap
  • ARGUS: A Framework for Staged Static Taint Analysis of GitHub Workflows and Actions – Igibek Koishybayev
  • Ozymandias: Towards Scalability of Symbolic Execution – Nilo Redini
  • Ethical Frameworks and Computer Security Scenarios – Yasemin Acar, Tadayoshi Kohno


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