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Recent content by hist78

  1. hist78

    Intel's Weak 2021 Sales Expectations

    "Intel didn't lose to ARM, but to the whole SoC / ARM / TSMC ecosystem. Intel has and probably will always be a CPU-centric company." Is it still possible for Intel to build a competitive, relevant, and financially sustainable ecosystem under their IDM 2.0 strategy? If not, what should Intel...
  2. hist78

    Intel's Weak 2021 Sales Expectations

    Thank you for the correction about the first iPhone release date was actually after Intel sold its ARM division to Marvel. It's really strange to me that despite the early start and all the money and talents Intel had, they couldn't figure out a way to do business in the world of ARM. There...
  3. hist78

    Intel's Weak 2021 Sales Expectations

    No, I don't think so. IDM 2.0 may improve people's perception on Intel, but it's creating more challenges than Intel can handle. It's not because Intel is lacking capital and government subsidies. It's not because Intel can't advance their manufacturing technology. It's not because Intel...
  4. hist78

    Intel's Weak 2021 Sales Expectations

    The worldwide semiconductor sales will grow a huge 24% in 2021 but Intel and TI are the only two companies who won't see any growth among the top 15 players. With 13 out of the top 15 semiconductor companies enjoying good growth in 2021, I believe it means the demand is strong and the growth...
  5. hist78

    Will China master 14nm and what is their future in semi production?

    Don't know what's going on at SMIC. Its Chairman left last Friday.
  6. hist78

    The Semiconductor Heist Of The Century. (is there going to be a semiwiki follow up article on ARM China JV?)

    Dear Godfree, Can you and/or your family/friends/team/associates spend a little more time to do thorough research before posting your "opinions"? It will greatly improve the creditability and quality of your postings even if you are under the pressure of deadline or some other expectations...
  7. hist78

    Intel Wins US Government Project to Develop Leading-Edge Foundry Ecosystem

    A new development revealed today about the Polaris supercomputer project at Argonne National Laboratory. I mentioned it yesterday that the Aurora supercomputer project at Argonne is seriously behind the schedule due to Intel unable to deliver needed CPUs. In the news the Polaris seems to become...
  8. hist78

    Shipped from Taiwan, Assembled in the US

    Another interesting approach I heard is TSMC will offer 50% of the saving to a supplier who proposed a successful way to cut down the cost. I have to admit it requires a lot of trust between TSMC and its suppliers.
  9. hist78

    The thinking of Pat Gelsinger

    If Pat is truly a people's person, I really hope he can: 1. Stop any attack ads against Apple and make a sincere apology to Apple. Apple is a customer of Intel and it seems really childish for Intel to attack their own customers. Additionally I thought the new IFS division needs more customers...
  10. hist78

    Samsung in negotiations with New York for $17 billion chip fab

    To build a new fab probably will get more government subsidies than buying Globalfundries.
  11. hist78

    Intel Wins US Government Project to Develop Leading-Edge Foundry Ecosystem

    DoD, DARPA, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, NSA, and DoE are facing several challenges in acquiring advanced, high performance, and specialized semiconductor products: 1. They are looking for stable and predictable suppliers/supplies from both short term and long term point of views. One of...
  12. hist78

    Intel boxed out Apple and AMD?

    That means Intel ($217 billion market cap) is forcing TSMC ($547 billion market cap) to box out Apple ($2.46 trillion market cap)?! How can that happen? If Intel can do that, I think I can tell Jeff Bezos to report to me in person tomorrow morning.
  13. hist78

    Intel boxed out Apple and AMD?

    I have to "assume" TSMC is smart enough after 34 years in business and after Intel constantly accusing "foundries in Asia" for various things, they will not allow Intel to squeeze out other TSMC's major customers.
  14. hist78

    If China takes Taiwan, the World Loses

    Dear Roberts, You often like to quote other people's research or reports out of context or even brutally twisted the facts. But can you please at least read those reports completely, otherwise you are going to embarrass your team and yourself. For example in the Human Freedom Index 2020 you...
  15. hist78

    If China takes Taiwan, the World Loses

    Daniel: What you said reminds me about this old carton:,_nobody_knows_you%27re_a_dog Hope you won't be mad on me 😉