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Recent content by Fred Chen

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    Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake Rumored To Drop TSMC 3nm Node For tGPU, Might Be Used in 15th Gen Arrow Lake CPUs Intel made significant progress during the quarter on the ramp of Intel 7, now shipping in aggregate over 35 million units. The company expects Intel 4 to be ready for volume...
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    NVM and MRAM available in 16nm and below

    Interesting twist: MgO (the key layer of STT-MRAM) can also be a ReRAM. Moreover, accumulated write pulse time can increase the probability of breakdown: More discussion here: Breakdown-Limited Write Time Windows for STT-MRAM
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    NVM and MRAM available in 16nm and below

    The endurance of STT-MRAM has often been exaggerated, and the temperature dependence of read and write operations is nontrivial. There is also contact resistance. I know ReRAM can be another option, but each foundry could have a different offering.
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    Samsung 3nm two-step

    From their 3nm announcement: Compared to 5nm process, the first-generation 3nm process can reduce power consumption by up to 45%, improve performance by 23% and reduce area by 16%...
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    Intel samples Crow Pass: 3rd Generation Optane

    I wonder, did they stop Optane development at Rio Rancho earlier this year, when the VP departed?
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    Intel samples Crow Pass: 3rd Generation Optane It's probably surprising to many that Optane is still around, but apparently it's not dead yet. Presumably, it's being made at Rio Rancho.
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    EUV was never going to be single patterning

    I'm not sure Intel kept its 65nm until now, but at some other places 55nm is often where 65nm migrates to.
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    EUV was never going to be single patterning

    For example, Intel's 45nm node gate layer was patterned with one mask for straight gate lines first and then another for cutting them into final gates.
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    Micron announces 232 layer NAND For a double-stacked structure, this NAND process etches more than 100 layers at a time. It used to be only Samsung could do this. Moreover, two controllers (one internally designed, one externally designed) are...
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    UMC Reports Second Quarter 2022 Results TSMC is indeed trying to move its customers to 28nm and smaller.
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    China's SMIC Shipping 7nm Chips, Reportedly Copied TSMC's Tech (fake news?)

    Chinese publications at SPIE indicated study of LE4 (4P4E) besides SAQP for "7nm" (CD~20 nm).