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GSA Silicon Summit Is On April 10th

GSA Silicon Summit Is On April 10th
by Paul McLellan on 03-17-2014 at 1:01 pm

 The annual GSA Silicon Summit is coming up in a few weeks. It is on April 10th at the Computer History Museum. Registration is at 9am and the meeting itself gets started at 9.45am. The summit finishes at 2.15pm. There are three sections during the day, and lunch is provided.

The first section is on Advancements in Nanoscale Manufacturing. The session will open with an overview detailing the challenges of continued gate scaling, as well as the industry’s exploration of alternative materials and processes in the fabrication of nanoscale structures and the resulting applications that may be enabled. A Panel Discussion will follow to address some of the challenges involved in implementing alternative CMOS solutions as well as recent advancements made in nanoscale engineering. It is presented and moderated by Joe Sawicki of Mentor. The panelists are Dan Ambrush of Sematech, Rob Aitken of ARM, Paul Farrar of the Global 450mm consortium, Peter Huang of TSMC and John Kibarian of PDF solutions.

The second session is on Innovative Solutions. The session will open with an overview on how manufacturing and packaging innovations are allowing improvements in semiconductor design, driving increased functionality and performance to fulfill new opportunities arising in the digital economy. A Panel Discussion will follow and explore the current and future advances of integrating digital, RF, analog/mixed-signal, memory and sensors in close proximity to achieve increased performance from a scaling, material and process perspective. It is presented and moderated by Gary Bronner of Rambus. The panelists are Jim Aralis of Microsemi, Charlie Cheng of Kilopass, Peter Gammel of Skyworks, Lawrence Loh of Mediatek and Mark Miscione of Peregrine Semiconductor.

 After lunch the third session is on Enabling a 2.5D/3D Ecosystem. Holding great promise for enabling heterogeneous integration and reducing design complexity, the session will provide an overview on where the industry stands in terms of developing and commercializing 2.5D/3D technology and what remains to be done. A Panel Discussion will follow and address the use case for utilizing 2.5D/3D technology, as well as the business needs within the supply chain in order to ignite 2.5D/3D adoption and market growth, changing it if possible, from a nascent alternative to a mature option. The session is presented and moderated by Javier De La Cruz of eSilicon. The panelists are Calvin Cheung of ASE, Gil Levy of Optimaltest, Bob Patti of Tezzaron, Riki Radojcic of Qualcomm, Arif Rahmen of Altera and Brandon Wang of Cadence.

The detailed agenda, including a link for registration, is here.

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