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Published by Daniel Payne on 04-21-2020 at 1:54 pm
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PandA-bambu – framework for research in high-level synthesis and HW/SW co-design
QElectroTech – Electronic diagrams
WaveDrom – draws your Timing Diagram or Waveform from simple textual description


Electric – IC design with schematic capture, layout, routing, LVS, PCB layout
Fritzing – Schematic capture and PCB layout
gEDA – Schematic capture
KiCad – PCB layout
KTechLab – Electronic and PIC microcontroller design
LibrePCB – PCB Layout
LTspice – SPICE simulation, schematic capture, waveform viewer, Analog Devices
PCB – PCB layout
pcb-rnd – PCB layout


Alliance/Coriolis – VHDL compiler, simulator, logic synthesizer, automatic place and route
Animate – Virtuoso schematic users can quickly see an automated analog layout, freemium tool from Pulsic
CflexHDL – design digital circuits in C, simulate really fast with a regular compiler.
Chisel – Hardware compiler framework
cocotb – coroutine based co-simulation testbench environment for verifying VHDL and SystemVerilog using Python
CUGR – Global routing tool developed by CUHK
CVC – Circuit Validity Checker, for errors in CDL netlist.
Edalize – Python library for interfacing EDA tools (Icarus, Yosys, ModelSim, Vivado, Verilator, GHDL, Quartus)
Fault – Design for Test
FuseSoc – package manager and a set of build tools for HDL code.
Gaw – Gtk Analog Wave viewer
GHDL – G HDL, a VHDL analyzer, compiler, simulator and synthesizer
Glade – Gds, Lef And Def Editor – layout and schematic editor, DRC, extraction, LVS.
Gnucap – GNU Circuit Analysis Package
Icarus Verilog – Verilog simulator (free)
ipyxact – Python based IP-XACT parser
IRSIM – switch-level simulator
KLayout – Mask layout tool
LibrEDA – place and route
LiteX – Migen/MiSoC based Core/SoC builder
Magic – IC layout, extraction, DRC
Migen – Python toolbox for HDL design
MyHDL – Python as a hardware description and verification language
Netgen – Layout Versus Schematic (LVS) tool
nMigen – Python based HDL design
Ngspice – SPICE circuit simulation
OpenRAM – Memory compiler development framework
OpenROAD – RTL to GDS in 24 hours, no human in the loop
OpenSTA – Static Timing Analyzer
Oregano – schematic capture and SPICE circuit simulation
OSVVM – A VHDL verification framework, utility library, verification component library, and a simulator independent scripting flow
PipelineC – HLS using C
Qrouter – multi-level, over-the-cell maze router
Qucs – Quite Universal Circuit Simulator
RePlAce – global placement tool
SPEF-Extractor – A Python library that reads LEF and DEF files, extract RC parasitics then create a SPEF file
SpinalHDL – HDL that creates VHDL or Verilog
Verilator – Verilog simulator
WRspice – Circuit simulator.
XCircuit – Schematic capture for SPICE netlists and PostScript
XSCHEM – Schematic capture and netlisting: VHDL, Verilog, SPICE.
Xic – Schematic capture and IC layout editor.
Xyce – Parallel analog circuit simulator from Sandia National Laboratories
Yosys – Verilog RTL synthesis


FOEDAG – Framework Open EDA Gui
fpga-bitstream – Generate a generica or fabric dependent bitstream
nextpnr – FPGA place and route
OpenFPGA – framework that enables rapid prototyping of customizable FPGA architectures
Project IceStorm – Lattice bitstream format documentation
Qflow – digital synthesis flow using Verilog or VHDL, targets Xilinx or Altera
Raptor – commercial FPGA flow for FPGA design, RapidSilicon
SymbiFlow – FPGA framework for tools, Verilog to bitstream
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