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Cycuity at the 2024 Design Automation Conference

Cycuity at the 2024 Design Automation Conference
by Daniel Nenni on 06-19-2024 at 2:00 pm

DAC 2024 Banner

Cycuity is looking forward to showcasing the latest updates and new capabilities of its Radix security technology at their booth this year, once again located near the DAC Pavilion. Radix offers a systematic and robust approach to hardware security verification, helping organizations identify and address security weaknesses early in the chip design lifecycle.

Cycuity’s security solutions accelerate detection of security weaknesses and deliver comprehensive security assurance through scalable, repeatable and traceable security verification from the beginning of chip design to delivery. The company’s proven methodology ensures security by design through a unique approach rooted in hardware security expertise.

With Radix, defining clear and measurable security requirements becomes a seamless process. This capability is crucial for creating a strong security foundation that can be monitored and verified systematically throughout the design process. Radix does this by simplifying the creation of security rules and ensures these rules are consistently applied and validated across chip design.

Radix’st in-depth security analysis capabilities enable visualization and exploration of every aspect of a chips’ design, providing unique insights into previously unknown or unexpected behaviors, allowing users to pinpoint security weaknesses and strengthen security measures.

Radix’s patented information flow technology tracks information about critical assets and attack surfaces throughout design at all times to identify weaknesses that could otherwise go undetected. Additionally, Radix’s security analytics quantify and verify the completeness of security test coverage, ensuring existing security measures are both effective and comprehensive, making it easier to demonstrate security rigor to customers and regulations.

Semiconductor security continues to be a growing and urgent focus across both commercial and government sectors, and Cycuity CEO, Andreas Kuehlmann, will be joining other industry security experts in the Advancing Chip Security to Meet Heightened Requirements panel discussion on Tuesday, June 25.  The panel will delve into how emerging standards and a growing threat landscape  are driving the necessity for enhanced cybersecurity measures across all industries.  Stop by to meet team Cycuity in Booth 2351 before or after the panel session.

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