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DAC 2016 – Register Now

DAC 2016 – Register Now
by Bernard Murphy on 05-16-2016 at 7:00 am

DAC is again going to be in Austin (reason enough to go), from June 6[SUP]th[/SUP]-8[SUP]th[/SUP] for the main event. A  number of events caught my eye:

  • Monday AM – custom hardware for algorithmic trading. If you want to know more about FinTech (technology for finance) this could be for you
  • Another Monday morning session on Linux porting, bring-up and driver development including use of virtual platforms in this task
  • Tuesday AM – a session on biologically inspired electronic design (a favorite topic of mine)
  • Wednesday AM – verifying security aspects of hardware
  • Wednesday PM – how to verify (cut?) the Gordian knot of system complexity
  • Wednesday PM – architecture and design for Automotive ECUs

There are also some great keynotes and SkyTalks (again a personal selection):

  • Monday keynote: What it takes to enable securely connected, self-driving cars (Lars Reger, NXP)
  • Monday SkyTalk – Wireless implantable microsystems (in the brain) Ricki Muller (UCB and Cortera)
  • Wednesday keynote: The challenge to develop truly great products (Mark Papermaster, AMD)
  • Wednesday Skytalk: Security at different layers of abstraction (Brian Payne, Netflix)
  • Thursday keynote: Learning and reasoning for autonomous robots (Peter Stone, UT Austin)
  • Thursday SkyTalk: Biological electronics – merging life’s transistors with silicon (Kenneth Shepherd, Columbia U, NY)

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