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Mirabilis Design announces Meraki Tech-Sol as their official sales & marketing partner in India for the VisualSim product-line


Staff member

Sunnyvale, CA — 11th April 2022 — Mirabilis Design Inc, the leading provider of system-level Intellectual Property and Simulation Solutions for electronics and processors, announces Meraki Tech-Sol as their official sales & marketing partner in India for the VisualSim product-line

“We have experienced significant interest and growth in the Indian defence and public section since COVID and need a partner that understands the market dynamics and requirements, “said Deepak Shankar, Vice President of Sales. “The timing is perfect to implement the government mandate through a formal systems engineering process and help create high quality, reliable and optimised products.”

India has programs dedicated to being self-reliant in electronics and semiconductors. This has accentuated the need for more complex designs to be performed in India.

Public sector and defence companies are expanding into a number of new applications in space, aeroplanes and missiles.

These designs require trade-off studies and experiments, where system design using VisualSim becomes very critical, increases program efficiency, eliminates all surprises before integration and manages costs.

“Meraki will accelerate the adoption of the VisualSim with our rich experience in the defence and aerospace sector at Navratnas defence PSU such as Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), and Bharat Earth Movers Limited. (BEML)”,said Mr K S Krishna, Managing Director of Meraki. “Our experience in the Missile Programme, encryption Products, Strategic communication equipment and semiconductors Fab and Packaging provides us unique visibility into the market requirements.

About Mirabilis Design Inc.

Mirabilis Design is a Silicon Valley software company, providing software solutions to identify and eliminate risk in the product specification, accurately predicting the human and time resources required to develop the product, and improve communication between diverse engineering teams.

VisualSim Architect combines Intellectual Property, system-level modelling, simulation, environment analysis and application templates to significantly improve model construction, simulation, analysis and RTL verification.
The environment enables designers to rapidly converge to a design that meets a diverse set of interdependent time and power requirements.
It is optimally used very early in the design process in parallel with (and as an aid to) the development of the product’s written specification and long before an implementation (for example, RTL, software code, or schematic) of that product can even be started.

About Meraki Techsol

Meraki Techsol is a technology solutions company and can support systems solutions including, Hardware/Software system design, across Electronics, Communication, Computers and Infrastructure industry, including Mining, Transportation, Aviation, and Railways.
The leadership comes with 120+ years of industry experience and has a strong network with all the major companies including Multinational companies, Defence and Public sectors, Space organizations etc.
The business model is a one-stop consulting solution for the Design, Development, Sales, Marketing and Business enablement of Global customers in the areas of,

  • - Electronics, Communication, Computers & Information Technology.
  • - Infrastructure industry, including Mining, Transportation (Aviation, Railways, etc.)
  • - System solutions – Hardware & Software development.
  • - Management Consulting, Business Consulting, Technical Consulting
  • - Connecting solution providers & partners with global end customers.
  • - Areas that involve Integrated solutions comprising Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil and any other engineering domains