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Another Intel Slide Debunked!

Another Intel Slide Debunked!
by Daniel Nenni on 04-20-2014 at 4:00 am

This was one of the most memorable keynotes I have seen, absolutely. Probably because it supports my belief that the infamous Intel slide that “projected” Intel will continue a linear manufacturing cost per transistor improvement at 14nm and 10nm is pure marketing fluff. Even more interesting, according to Intel, other semiconductor manufacturers can’t continue but Intel can. I knew this slide was complete nonsense but it was impossible for me to prove since Intel does not share costing data. Well, Wally Rhines does not give up as easily as I do and in his EDPS dinner keynote he presented compelling data contrary to Intel’s “projections”.

My beautiful wife travels with me now since our youngest child turned eighteen and I get her feedback on some of the events we attend. She absolutely loved the EDPS Workshop in Monterey since it was right on the beach and she was graciously invited to the keynote dinner. Wally’s presentation was not lost on her as she asked many questions afterwards. I then showed her my blogs on the subject and now she thinks I’m brilliant. Of course she also thinks I’m handsome so……

Wally’s presentation can be seen HERE. I really want you to take a careful look so we can have a constructive discussion in the comments section. Wally’s slides always tell a story so they are reasonably easy to follow. If you have a question I will make sure it gets answered by one of the attendees or Wally himself. This will probably be one of the most read blogs this month so I hope you can participate.

I was part of the EDPS Workshop organizing committee again this year and I’m happy to volunteer my time for this event. Even though I’m all about social media with SemiWiki I’m still old school and prefer to meet people face to face to make a personal connection which is why I drive to Silicon Valley 2-3 times a week for meet-ups and events.

Wally’s presentation was based on the “Learning Curve” and he presents supporting data for the semiconductor industry including the supply chain:

Hopefully someday Intel will explain this slide to us. There are 688 Intel employees registered on SemiWiki. Intel.com is one of the top referring domains. Hopefully people from Intel will participate in this conversation. Maybe someone from Intel’s “Free” Press? What do you say Intel? How about some transparency, openness, communication, and accountability?

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