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Technical Project Manager

Technical Project Manager
by Admin on 02-05-2024 at 6:39 pm

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Work content

Be a chip architecture planner to provide a competitive and valuable solution to sales and customers. This role will consolidate a project scope by achieving technology feasibility and competitiveness study, resource and schedule planning, cost break down for quotation.


1. Pre-sale technical tasks and RFQ follow up.

2. Architecture planner to propose total solution of algorithm, design, IP, P&R, software, process, package, testing, yield and reliability with respect to application scenarios and RFQ.

3. Assessment to the feasibility, competitiveness and risk of proposed total solution.

4. Share solution knowledge base of historical projects within focused fields.

5. Connect and coordinate cross-departments with customers for solution proposal.

6. Project schedule planning and resource evaluation.

7. Cost break down for quotation proposal.

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