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SOI Integration Process Technician – Alternate Day Week

SOI Integration Process Technician – Alternate Day Week
by Admin on 10-24-2023 at 10:24 pm

  • Full Time
  • Bernin, France
  • Applications have closed

Website Soitec

Introduce Soitec and context of the position

Soitec is a company listed in the SBF 120 index which operates upstream of the microelectronics value chain. Our innovative semiconductor materials are essential to the operation of smartphones and the deployment of 5G. They also offer numerous opportunities for connected automobiles, electric and autonomous vehicles and embedded intelligence in connected objects. 

This position gives us an incredible responsibility, which inspires us every day: making possible the massive adoption of technological innovations while considerably limiting their environmental impact, in a logic of responsible innovation and sustainable development.

What does the job consist of?

At Soitec, the “Process Integration” group’s mission is to optimize new products resulting from development to bring them to a level of industrial excellence. 

In your job as a Process Integration Technician, you help bring these new products to the right level of performance, quality and cost. To spice things up, you do it within the deadlines required by market demand while meeting the manufacturability criteria of our factories.

With the help of the group’s experienced engineers and technicians, you follow the progress of the products throughout the manufacturing process and you characterize them with the objective of industrializing them. Once the IT production management systems have been mastered and the collaboration with your interfaces (production, process, yield, supply chain, etc.) is in place, you use your responsiveness and your autonomy to successfully ship the products on time. hour for our customers. The road will be strewn with pitfalls and full of satisfaction of having overcome them: you will have to analyze, understand, and capitalize to obtain a product of the best quality and at the right cost. With a little experience you will be led to test your own designs for new prototypes. 

The Integration process profession is at the heart of the factory and the product. Enzo, Maxence and Fabienne, among the technicians already on the job, appreciate the variety of technical subjects and interfaces .

Two positions are to be filled, one in E1, the other in E2.

Requirements & qualifications

… in possession of a Bac+2 level diploma (DUT Physical Measurements, Chemistry, Materials, etc.) and that you ideally have experience in the microelectronics sector.

You enjoy communicating with a variety of people and working on a variety of subjects. You know how to commit and demonstrate autonomy, you have an analytical mind, are rigorous and love technique. Your adaptability no longer needs to be demonstrated.

If this profile sounds like you, don’t wait any longer and come join our team!

Application FAQs

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