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SoC Software Engineer

SoC Software Engineer
by Admin on 12-11-2023 at 3:35 pm


  • Understand system requirement and provide design solution.
  • Provide robust, flexible and reusable software SDK for multiple platforms, include coding, document and unit test case.
  • Integrate with software SDK with customer system.
  • Troubleshoot system issues and provide bug fixing.
  • Keep improving system performance.


  • Master’s or above degree in CE/CS related majors, working experience is unlimited.
  • Familiar and expert on at least one language: Java, python, C/C++ …
  • Experience on embedded processor architecture development such as X86, ARM, DSP, RISC-V, etc.
  • Familiar with PCIe, Video Codec, ISP, Camera, GPU driver.
  • Understand virtualization, QEMU + KVM.
  • Familiar with BT/BLE, WiFi, NB-IoT, LTE-CAT1 and other wireless protocols.
  • Familiar with Linux/Andorid/Windows, and Android productization/Windows driver development experience is preferred.
  • Familiar with Caffe, TensorFlow, Pytorch and other machine learning frameworks and have algorithm training foundation.
  • Self-motivated and a good team player. Good communication skills in both Chinese and English in either listening, speaking, reading or writing.
Apply for job

To view the job application please visit www.verisilicon.com.

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