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Research and Prototyping Intern/FTC – Matrix Multiplication Extensions

Research and Prototyping Intern/FTC – Matrix Multiplication Extensions
by Admin on 04-22-2024 at 3:39 pm

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**Please note this role is open to candidates currently located in, and with working rights to Munich, Germany. This is a 6+ month internship or entry level fixed-term role ideally starting June 3rd 2024 (some flexibility on start date)**

Welcome to Codasip

We believe Codasip is the most innovative processor solutions company. We take pride in designing and developing cutting-edge, high-performance, and energy-efficient CPU cores from scratch, and our own automated proprietary tools to fully customize them. We give our customers a unique competitive advantage by empowering their system-on-chip developers to build the most innovative products.

Our processor cores are based on the RISC-V open architecture. The potential for customizing RISC-V is unlocked with the Codasip Custom Compute approach: our unique architecture description language, CodAL, and the powerful automated processor design tool, Codasip Studio. These are at the heart of our unique and groundbreaking RISC-V processor solutions.

What you’ll do:

In this intern/FTC role you will work in the AI Team (led by Peter Robertson and Giovanni Grandi), which is part of Codasip Labs division. You will research MatMul (Matrix Multiplication) RISC-V extensions and prototype respective modules using Codasip Studio 10 and Codal 3 language. This role offers the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in CPU design and contribute to the development of valuable HW modules to enhance AI workloads and that will be used for demos and potential IP integration.

You will:

  • Get familiarized with CPU design principles (books will be provided) and Codasip’s development environment (Studio/Codal).
  • Research state of the art MatMul extensions and their performance impact
  • Design and prototype MatMul related module(s) using Studio 10 and Codal 3 language.
  • Test and validate the MatMul modules to ensure their functionality and performance.
  • Document your work, including design specifications and implementation details.
  • Collaborate with the Labs teams to integrate MatMul module(s) into Codasip’s existing IP and example portfolio.

Project Outcomes:

The successful completion of this project will ideally result in the creation of a functional MatMul module(s) that can be used for demos and potentially integrated into Codasip’s product offerings. You will gain valuable experience in CPU design and digital hardware development during this role.


What you need:

  • To be pursuing a degree in electronics, computer engineering, computer science, or a related field
  • Basic knowledge of CPU architecture and design principles
  • Experience in C programming
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication and teamwork abilities
  • Self-motivated and eager to learn

What we’d love you to have:

  • Familiarity with digital design and hardware description languages (HDLs)
  • Passion for RISC-V architecture
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